1. Weed can help with so many issues (chronic, mental, and physical). Why are you making a completely false video. Weed also, can not do that to your lungs. You need to tell people the truth rather then scaring them. Your vape and cigarette one is great! Keep it up! But you just need to look up facts and not hide behind a wall of false facts.

  2. I quit smoking months ago and I have to say I don't feel any happier or healthier. The smoke machine is really relaxing to watch and fyi real stoners dont smoke three joints a day more five blunts or more this person must be a newb lol

  3. This is fake, the lungs and the organs process this liquid differently when it is on a real body and that far does not sit there, and also 3 joints a day for a month is a little excessive, as well, a lot of that black is from the joint paper, sooo not this bad guys :/

  4. this guy is stupid cuz weed is only bad if you do it all day for the rest of your life. weed is made by the earth the help heal parts of the body in other ways medications cant.even the hospitals give you the medical part of weed/marijuana for cancer and other stuff i can't spell "lol"

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