How Blowing That Good Gas Almost Got Me Expelled From School

This is a quick story about the time when ya boy almost didn’t get a diploma because of my gas usage. This is a lesson from ya boy DoitJack. Take heed to this …


  1. i started smoking in high school, really just i guess following my older brother's example, 13 years later and i'm still smoking. i'm trying to quit, but i've been trying to quit for a couple years. It's crazy how time flies by sometimes, makes you wish you had a goddamn time machine to go back and do shit right the first time.

  2. What’s good jack I got expelled my junior year for smelling like dope they searched me everything didn’t find anything and they expelled me so I went to alternative school and completed my junior and senior year so I graduated early since I got expelled it was low key a blessing

  3. Lol I did get expelled for it. Life's been rough as pavement since…. Until I found God that is though. Keep it though bro! Your an inspiration to more people than you probably knowπŸ‘

  4. Bro he describing everything in my life right now, I just didn’t give a fuck and I got caught πŸ˜‚ but I’m just laying low for right now on some real shit πŸ˜‚

  5. ****YOOO!!!!*** Thank you For All the shxt U post, 4 days sober, getting the finances together… Told my boys about yah channel. Keep it real. **Shout out from Brooklyn** we listening.._.._

  6. Funny story man. I vape some weed like two times a week on the weekends, got a full time career going on Mon – Fri so its a great way to enjoy the weekends. Me & my girlfriend got our own house and we enjoy getting stoned on the weekends, but we work extremely hard Mon-Fri on our jobs and in the gym.

  7. Snitch ass bitch.. bro I had a homie just like you. He got folded easily like a lame just like yo ass and snitched on the gang. Bruh I swear we almost beat tf outta shorty. Why tf u ain't tell em u smoked alone bruh. πŸ€πŸ€

  8. Reminds me of this time in highschool, I took a photography class and decided to go with a group of friends and take some "pictures" during class. Man, we ditched and smoked at a local spot outside of school… We thought we were slick but they were waiting for us at the gate. πŸ’­ suspended for a week

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