Harvard Professor Jeffrey Miron on Marijuana Legalization

Jeffrey Miron –head of the undergraduate economics department at Harvard University– explains why weed should be legal. On Harvard Time takes on the task …


  1. Cannabis USED TO BE LEGAL (Like Tomatoes in your garden) for 230 years of USA
    History. What happened was
    Prohibition & the Marijuana Stamp Tax & "Reefer Madness" propaganda
    Henry Ford made an automobile made of plastics
    derived from cannabis called the "Hemp" car; a sledgehammer could not dent those body panels. Big Threat to US Steel,YES.

  2. Legalize Cannabis! Throw the Sheeple a bone! Those who stand to lose in the USA if Cannabis is legalized nationally. The Police, Police Unions, Private Prisons, Judges, Prosecutors, Cartels, the private prison system, Big Pharma, Liquor, Wine, & Beer Companies, Government Departments, etc.

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