Cannabis Legalization Canada Predictions

Cannabis Legalization Canada Predictions: Cyberworld7 & RICH TV LIVE – RICH TV LIVE – October 16, 2018 – Today i ask Cyberworld7 about his stock market …


  1. Another great video! Today you might have seen my text on our group chat, was a bit flustered this morning because I usually don't wake up at the opening of the market. So I had never seen such a swing in a stock I own. Aurora to be exact. What an interesting learning lesson today! Thanks for always keeping it real with us Rich!

  2. Long term most if not all of these companies are winners. We need to have no expectations because at the end of the day, tomorrow is just that, another day. Aurora releases big news on the daily and goes up and down. This is just more news for Aurora, treat it as such.

  3. Rich I was pursing a similar strategy in selling off some big companies in exchange for a high share count of smaller companies but the small guys have been lackluster lately. CROP, Int. Cannabrand, KALY, Prevecutical, pure global. Waiting on these guys to rally above $1.00.

    Big day tomorrow! Have you checked out any stores up there, are they ready for business? Are they expecting huge crowds like its black friday?

    Keep up the good work!

  4. What’s happening Rich!!
    Great collab!!!

    Where are you from btw?
    I’m from B.C. home is the famous BUD! 🌿

    Also: what are your thoughts on Quadcron symbol: QCC ?

    12 hours to History!!! 🚀
    ACB to the moon!

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