Canna Cribs: E1 – Glass House Greenhouse – Commercial Cannabis Growing Operation in California

In this episode of Canna Cribs the team visits a 350000 sq. ft. growing operation in California to unveil the products and growing …


  1. key is how good you cure your buds the better you cure them the better the smoke is gonna be dont want mold tho… Also has to do with the grower proper lighting proper nutrient feeding temps etc

  2. damn 10 day dry hang cycle lolz dont wont to ever over dry ur plants too dry keep them good enough till the bud is dry to the touch but stem still has moisture to the bend i recommend 3-7days hang cycle

  3. Nice video! Funny though when the guy mentioned the old trimmers just knocked everything off. Then I see them tossing the bud around in the new trimmer lol! Not much difference. It might be a slightly better than the previous method

  4. Hello brilliant video!!. I have Just started to get into growing cannabis!! I'm 23 from the UK and have suffered from ADHD my hole life and I use cannabis as my medicine because the ADHD medicine my doctor give me makes me feel sick 🙁 when I smoke cannabis it calms me down and makes me feel normal!!. I am Fed up of buying 0.8 of weed for £10 :/ I am now trying to learn how to grown my own medicine! I have managed to grow 3 successful crops! I still have a lot to learn but hopefully some day I can master it! Been around very big crops since I was around 6years old. My dream is to get a job in a country where it is legal to grow cannabis! Would love to work in a cannabis factory till I am old and gray !!.🍁 I also like to buy a lot of different strains of cannabis seeds!. If you happen to have any seeds laying about that you could spare I would be extremely happy and thankful ! I am willing to buy to add to my ever growing seed collection!. Thank you for your time! & happy growing guys!!. X

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