4 Simple Mistakes RUINING Your Poker Tournament Results

A lot of players struggle to close out tournaments. I get asked all the time about how to close the gap, and it turns out that these players have a lot of issues in …


  1. Another thing I want to add: Don't make hitting your flush or full house your priority. If you happen to flop any of those hands then that's good. That would help a lot but getting to the final table is the #1 priority over chasing flushes and full houses (especially out of position).

    Also fish out for information too by observing your opponents to spot tells.

  2. Small stakes tourneys are brutal. I went all-in with AA and got called by 52 off-suit and they hit a straight. I get it these things happen but my word you'd think they were playing roulette.

  3. Two WSOP events. Cashed one and in the last, I was in a 80 person circuit main event sat. Got down to the last few spots on the bubble. I went on a crazy run of cards. Kept getting AK after AK. Saw a few flops but folded like a beeatch. haha. The other table was all short stacked compared to us. They had all stopped playing and were stalling watching us. WTF? Floor eventually went hand to hand, and i made it thru. In the Main, outlasted 800 others to within the last 250. Funny, there were many chip and a chair and short stack heroics. Wish I had a few hands back, but it was a blast. Learned alot and hope to play a few more down the road with better results. There were $1m career earners that busted quickly. One had taken $377K in the Main Event about a month before and was in my Sat table.

  4. last 4$ put into satelite for bounty builder 55$ , 5000players,
    last 30 left i watch this video finish 2nd !
    A5suited was normaly fold for me after someone x3.5 but now i jamed x29 and won hand preflop! TY DOUG DOUGGY!!!! from 4$ to 3.9k$ !!!!

  5. Pro Tip nr. 5
    Make sure to time your toilet runs with the breaks. How many good hands get thrown into the muck because you have to go number 2 badly. Tournament killer number 1 is not bad play but diarrhea! Don´t be ashamed to rock adult diapers because all the pros do it on the internet and probably also on big live tournaments.
    Check your bum before you check your hand !

  6. Doug: big blind ante seems to be here to stay. Does this then change the tourny strategy to play just a bit more like cash? in the sense that you're now not investing money in every pot. Do you defend your BB (which is now pretty much doubled) with an even wider range?

  7. Hmm just wondering why you talk about "final table bubble"? Don't play much of mtt but I think there rarely is that big of a money jump on that situation? At least to me getting into ft has no value in itself.

  8. If I'm gonna be aggressive, I"m putting $300 on 33 at the roulette table then use my telekinetic powers to make an easy 10K. Yeah, most of the time I'll lose it, but the day I win it, I'll laugh at all these patient nerds trying to win $500 in a $150 buy in and wasting 6-8 hours of their life. I wanna make my money fast and then hit the pool at the Rio.

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