2nd Surgery Morning Freak Out, Don’t Do This at Home Do it in the Hospital…JK!!

Today is the Morning of the 2nd Surgery for the pancreatic stint, I’m going back to Del Web in about ½ half hour, I’m a little nervous not only about the second …


  1. Hey Doc wwwwwwooooooooohhhhhhoooooooooo , where did I go just now??????? everything was upside down . << smokin  Strawberry Fields 18% THC. From all of us (wiener dawgs included ) sending All our thoughts. Thought , check with you Ins. provider, they should provide transport too and from the Hospital. Peace OH P.S. …… BS you can count on your friends and net friends. We all Help one way or the other. P.S.S. Taz our oldest pup is from Surprise AZ. GF, wife now bought Him from a woman with the same name as my 1st ex….lol

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