⚠BREAKING NEWS⚠ Flat Earther Hit on the Head at Disc Golf, Doesn’t See Stars

𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐈𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 ** “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifferen…


  1. More Crisis actors TO BEEF up the Freemason Satanic Divide n Conquer WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE / spend a few hours like flat earth exposed or Eric dubay a Paedophile in Bangkok Wake up or Check out Del and his Satanic Tattoo's ? critical thinking ? come on wake up /

  2. I disagree with all the "tread lightly" comments, Josh. We have had this TRUTH out there for over 3 years now. If the mass of indoctrinated fools have not at least given the Flat Earth TRUTH an honest look, then we must show no more mercy on the ignorant masse and show some tough love. I have lost all patience, therefore I will no longer speak of this TRUTH to anybody unless they approach me… I screamed this revealation at the top of my lungs around October 2015 on FB, YT and even wore my "It's FLAT" t-shirts to gatherings that I created. All I heard were crickets way back IN 2015!!! For the record, my "family" and "friends" are ignorant fools…still.

  3. you are doing a great job guys, I am in the same search of truth and real science. I would like to know how pseudoscience explain that the earth travels around the sun but never gets closer, and at the same time its pulling, its weird isnt it, like a force that magically attracts and another magic force that stops that attraction putting a limit, thats hard to imagine to be honest.
    anyway, thanks and keep sharing.

  4. A pool table is flat, therefore the balls should be flat. A basketball is a ball, therefore the court should be a ball too. Soccer fields are flat, therefore the ball should be flat as well! Simple logic 👍

  5. I love what you do homie. Keep it up. The only thing is try to have a little bit of a nicer approach to some. I know its hard man and some can be rude. But as soon as you make the person feel stupid they instantly become defensive. You know. And I know I shouldn't be saying anything. You are doing so much more then I ever have done. You are a TRUE SOLDIER. And we have to stop these sick bloodlines that are controlling us and dividing us. And make wars and ensalvaing us with paper money.

    Hope to meet all the people that want the truth one day.

  6. Josh, I love your street activism and your dedication to waking people up. Having said that, I am just wondering if you ever watch your videos and reflect on how you come off to these said people. I am not trying to judge you but I am just offering you my opinion on how I see your attitude with these people. I know that we are all unique individuals and have our set ways but I see the way you are taking your approach to everyone is about the same. But unfortunately, people are not the same and take what is said to them differently. The first black man was very intrigued but you came across as defensive but that was just my opinion. In all, I just want to applaud your activism but would love it if you could talk to them with more patience because most have never even heard of this subject and cannot give an argument on the spot. It would help not make stereotypes of all FEers. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  7. (Shape of the Earth)
    (The Heliocentric deception)
    (PhD Scientists proves earth has no curve)
    Neo Babylonians could predict eclipses thousands of years ago, using their saros based predictions, which is how NASA and other space agencies predict eclipses to this day. No need for fancy math or the heliocentric model. In addition,
    the astrolabe disproves heliocentrism because the stars remain where they have been for thousands of years. With the heliocentric theory, the earth's view of the universe and stars are constantly changing as the earth hurdles around the sun and through the galaxy at tremendously unrealistic speeds. Yet, the position of the stars and constellations have never changed
    (Astrolabe disproves heliocentrism)
    A fact little known to many is that earth has been proven to NOT be a spinning globe, and this fact was proven during the 19th century with a significant number of experiments and empirical evidence of renown navigators and explorers. Several navigators, including Sir James Clarke Ross and Karl Von Martius, could not see the southern circumpolar constellation and Sigma Octantis from the equator, unlike the north star, Polaris, which could be seen from the equator. These southern constellations can not be seen from all meridians simulatneously, but the northern constellation can be. This observation proved there was no true southern constellation center, and this was a significant discredit to the heliocentric model. In the 19th century, Samuel Rowbotham was absolutely correct in proving the earth was not a spinning globe with over a dozen of his own experiments that were scientifically conclusive and repeatable. Samuel Rowbotham's documented results and evidence can be read in his published work, "Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe", which is dated 1881 and contains over 350 pages (Link Below). The fact that earth has been proven to NOT be a spinning globe has been obfuscated and dismissed by the utmost mephistophelian efforts of a Jesuit derived agenda to hide the fact that our world was created by a creator. Chinese astronomers knew the world to be flat and stationary until the Jesuit missionaries indoctrinated China with heliocentrism in the 17th century. The revelation that earth is not a spinning globe would acknowledge that earth has a firmament, was created by a creator, and that human beings are more than a meaningless cosmological accident in an infinite universe.

    It would come as no suprise to those well acquainted with the truth, that the modern mainstream narrative of earth's nature conveniently reflects the freemasonry sponsored ideology of copernican heliocentrism that perfuses and inundates all but every facet of mankind to this day. Copernicus even wrote that heliocentricity was only a theory and could not be proven. In regards to the aforementioned facts, any claims to the contrary are advocated by either the ignorant, or the charlatans. As forseen, the masses never stood a chance. Truth will come to those who seek it through earnest research and experimentation.

    ("Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe" by Samuel Rowbotham. Free PDF download. https://www.globalgreyebooks.com/zetetic-astronomy-earth-not-a-globe-ebook/ 

    Linked videos below are supplemental and may provide additional insight for those seeking the truth.

    (Pilot finds flaw in the heliocentric model)
    (37 Experiments Proving Flat Earth)
    (Flaws of heliocentricity)
    (19.5 Mile IR Test)
    (120 mile IR test)
    (Sun NOT setting, fades as it travels away)
    (Sunsets on a flat earth model)
    (Informative Documetary: Part 1)
    (Informative Documentary: Part 2)
    (Proof Earth Does NOT move)
    (Flying around the world)
    (Antarctica Firmament – Prohibited)
    (Proof-Sun is not 93 Million miles away)
    (Earth is NOT a globe Documentary)
    (What Stars Really Are)
    (High Altitude Earth View-No Fish Eye)
    (What Satellites Really Are)
    (Firmament: Dome and virtual image)
    (Firmament: Dome for Day and Night)
    (We can't go back to the moon)
    (On the way to the moon)
    (Seasons on a non-globe earth)
    (CGi Earth)
    (Disney and Nasa)
    (Big Bang Theory from a Catholic)
    (Catholic Church and Globe Earth)
    (Southern Star Trails non-globe earth)
    (NASA Documents non-globe earth)

  8. Flat earth is such an empty topic without the fact that its God's word that is faithful and true and is taken out of context for us all to believe in evolution and a heliocentricity world.
    Well done though, maybe some will find Jesus through looking into it.

  9. Do you know,these flatards make me laugh,they say look over there can you see a curve no you cant,but the earth is absolutely humongous we are the size of a pin head on it,you would not see a curvejust looking out to sea the curve would be that small you would not see it,

  10. You Americans seem to blame NASA for everything, NASA doesn’t own space are all the other countries and their space agencies lying? Wake up and realise all this flat earth nonsense is literally Non science.

  11. I love what you're doing but some non judgemental advice I would have is not to have any preconceived notions about what folks believe when they approach. I could be wrong so take only as an opinion.
    Make America flat again


    You have to argue these things better.. You will never get people to see the truth with bad arguments..

  13. EVEN ON A FLAT EARTH "GRAVITY" IS STILL REAL.. GRAVITY IS AN ADDED WORD TO DESCRIBE THE PHENOMENON OF DENSITY AND MAKE IT ACCOUNT FOR PLANETS FALLING AROUND EACH OTHER BUT IT STILL EXISTS.. Things still fall down, denying Gravity without explaining what the details of your argument is makes you sound a bit crazy..

  14. I wouldn't be so stand off-ish.. You have to make your argument the best you can without playing the same angry you are stupid card that people are programmed to play.. I know it's hard to do when people are coming at you but you have to stay above their level.. There are better ways to argue a lot of these points and some of them that you are arguing aren't as sound as they could be..

    Why would they lie..

    First off ask why would the Government tell the truth if they found that the Earth were not a spinning ball back in the 60's? What would be in the Governments favor in telling the people that they don't know what the Earth is, what it looks like or that it may be an enclosed system.. What would the Governments have to gain or loose? You can reverse the question and put it into context for them..

    Also making people believe that they are an accident that is the result of a Big Bang and evolution makes them feel insignificant, it controls the way they feel about themselves..

    The money is a huge reason.. It gives the Government the ability to extort from the masses and play with rockets and build their rocket program..

    Here is a list I have been working on that gives reasons to be skeptical of the Globe if it helps you..

    1) lack of measurable curvature,
    2) objects being seen past the curve calculations all over the world,
    3) the nature of water always seeks and maintains its own level,
    4) periscopes being able to see too far,
    5) reflections of the moon or sun on water are never curved,
    6) mass attracting mass not being able to be recreated,
    7) Gravity is still theory,
    8) lack of spin,
    9) the impossibility of flight on a spinning ball,
    10) lack of flights over Antarctica,
    11) lack of north to south circumnavigation,
    12) lack of the ability to track planes over southern hemisphere oceans,
    13) The Antarctic Treaty,
    14) Operation High Jump,
    15) Operation Fish Bowl,
    16) Leaked Footage of Astronauts faking a spherical Earth,
    17) The space shuttle uses a rocket engine to land when it should be gliding,
    18) Neil Armstrong's Speech,
    19) Astronauts can't keep their stories straight about whether they see stars in space,
    20) we went to the moon 50 years ago on calculator tech but haven't been back,
    21) Van Allen Belts have now been discovered so moon landings were not possible,
    22) the nature of the Astronauts interviews after the moon landings,
    23) NASA conveniently lost thousands of reels of the original footage that could prove the the moon landings,
    24) lack of 24 hour views of the entire spinning ball,
    25) Challenger Astronauts being found alive,
    26) lack of motivation to go back to the moon,
    27) promises of private space programs never being fulfilled,
    28) rocket launch footage always shows rockets curving back down towards the ocean rather than leaving Earth to space,
    29) clouds movements on a spinning ball should be able to be measured at different rates of speed relative to the sun at different latitudes on a spinning ball,
    30) impossible devices being able to shoot over 200 miles in a straight line such as the Navy's rail gun,
    31) toilets don't actually spin backwards in opposite hemispheres
    32) perfect circle star trails should not occur on a ball that is performing 4 different motions at the same time with the slowest being rotation speed,
    33) the moon may put off cool light,
    34) the moon only effects the oceans and somehow leaves other large bodies of water alone when it comes to gravitational pull and the tides,
    35) lack of real pics of the Earth,
    36) lack of pics of Satellites in orbit,
    37) Satellites may be ground based,
    38) Arther C. Clark a freemason Science fiction author may be responsible for the idea of Satellites as he wrote about them well before they existed,
    39) the horizon always rises to the observer at the highest heights that we can reach with high altitude balloons,
    40) we see the same stars at opposite sides of the sun when we are supposed to be facing the opposite direction during opposite seasons,
    41) the sun is closer to Earth in the winter in the heliocentric model,
    42) there is no stellar parallax,
    43) falling and shooting stars never come up from the horizon,
    44) night and day has been filmed at the same time,
    45) there are eclipses where the shadow comes from the wrong direction on the moon,
    46) seasons make better sense on a flat model,
    47) crepuscular sun rays suggest a close sun and cannot be explained away with perspective,
    48) we shouldn't be able to ever see Venus or Mercury at night,
    49) the Michelson Morley experiment,
    50) the Aries Failure experiment,
    52) the Bedford Level experiment,
    51) a cannon shot straight up in the air will always fall straight back down,
    52) clouds above our heads curve way too fast to the horizon in every direction which proves perspective is the cause of this illusion,
    53) the moons terminator illusion fits a flat Earth model,
    54) Antarctic web cam and other footage of a 24 hour sun there are always edited,
    55) Earth pics are never pear shaped as Science claims the Earth is
    56) Gyroscopes do not detect curve or spin
    57) An Atmosphere cannot exist within a vacuum while automatically spinning with the Earth as an enclosed system,
    58) Anomalies in Mars Rover footage and evidence that it is faked on Earth,
    59) Communication with Equipment said to be in space is not plausible and the battery technology used is unlikely to last as long as we are told it is or to even work at all in those conditions,
    60) Wind patterns fit perfectly on a flat earth and don't fit onto a ball at all..
    61) Bubbles in space on NASA spacewalk footage
    62) Rockets may not even work in a vacuum
    63) there is evidence that the Hubble telescope never existed
    64) in thousands of hours of space footage no Astronaut ever pans their camera 360 degrees when humans would naturally want to show their surroundings in space,
    65) Most big name space programs worldwide have the same vector symbology in their logo which suggests that they are connected,
    66) The flat earth society seems to have been created as a disinformation campaign, why create this if there is no truth to it?
    67) Stars can be seen through the moon during certain eclipses.
    68) NASA is one of the largest consumers of helium in the world and they launch Satellites on helium balloons which should be a red flag.. That Helium sure isn't just for cooling systems..
    69) Water could not possably flow both uphill and downhill at the same time as it would have to an a curved ball like surface regardless of gravity..
    70) If the Earth were a spinning ball the forces from the spin would very greatly from the poles to the equator
    71) If spaceflights to the ISS were real an Astronaut would have filmed his or her entire trip to the ISS by now on their cell phone which we all carry, in fact you will never see Astronauts boarding the ISS..

  15. The existence of the southern celestial pole means you’re wrong. A lunar eclipse means you’re wrong. A sun set means you’re wrong. All of this means you’re an idiot dribbling shit to passers by. Hopefully someone will knock some sense into you.

  16. The guy at work always laughs about flat world when I tell him. Then I ask him for globe proofs and all he has are pictures. I say well can they be faked and how do we know they are genuine? He says do you know how many people would have to be in on that? And I say so you don't have any evidence or reason to think its a globe but you have a philosophy . You have a philosophy about people that you don't know and if they would tell you the truth or not. That's just a belief in what you think people would do. That's not a reason to know your on a globe. I don't know , this feels like its growing lately after a sort of plateau flat earth year.

  17. 1:12:00 nice analogy Lois with the railroad track. So its leads me to why can I see the lightpoles that are closer? That's the same as the top of the boat. There has to be a quick answer that the globers can understand and we are just about there with the railroads and lightpoles. Also funny ad libbing and sarcasm with the I'm here to help and all that. I was laughing. Nice job guys. Red hat bro is flat smacked but hearing what you guys are saying.

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