What did Cannabis (weed ) look like in 1978 ? Vintage drug ads

Check out this blast from the past.Wanna know what weed looked like in the late 70’s ?Wanna get a surge of gratitude for the stuff you can smoke now?


  1. if I wanted to watch someone flip through an old magazine I'd go see my grandparents. if you have the resources, you should try to make good videos instead of videos like this. best of luck.

  2. Way cool man, thanks for sharing! I remember seeing those types of magazines when I was younger from my hippie/stoner elders lol ! BTW, the cartoon illustration @ 2:45 was done by Alan Stamaty, who wrote and illustrated Who Needs Donuts, a children's book that I had when I was young. If I were you Stoned Soup, check that book out, its definitely not only for children lol !

  3. What a trip brother!  I remember the seventies, I first smoked weed in 1979.  We were listening to Hotel California and The Long Run…….R.I.P. Glenn Frey……..Love the flash backs man, keep it up, cheers!

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