Trying CBD Oil for Anxiety | Life in Slovenia

Trying CBD oil for anxiety for the first time, taking care a poorly pup, and meeting my childhood hero at a Photoshop course. …


  1. WooHoo! 5k!!!!!!! how to get to 6k? ๐Ÿ™‚ I have only known one person who had just recovered from breast cancer and then a mastectomy who was recommended CBD, she was nervous to take it even though many people said it was great for managing pain and sickness..Not sure she ever took it though? I have heard it's good for all kinds of ailments…Perhaps you need to try a normal full strength of CBD? Poor Benji…I had 2 Springer Spaniels who would get sick from eating stuff they shouldn't when they'd go out for a walk…People leave their old crap food in the park and then your dogs eats it and gets sick. I hated not being able to help them knowing they were helpless and suffering…that gave me real anxiety!! and would always rush them to the vets if I could. I dread to think how much money over the years was spent at the vets getting them sorted out with gastro enteritis injections.Thanks goodness they had health insurance is all I can say. Wish your pooch better soon.

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