Rappler Talk: Dr. Carl Hart on the drug war and public health

Neuropharmacologist Dr. Carl Hart debunks prevalent myths on drug use and the human brain. More on Follow Rappler on Social Media: …


  1. Mr. Hart before you meddle in other countries affairs like the Philippines, First you should have to do is go to mirror any look at your self. You are wearing two earrings which a Man should not wearing. It is against the Bible and also you have long hair also prohibited by the law of God in the bible. and then you have the guts castigating President Duterte of the Philippines on his war on drugs? shame on you!! You your self looks like addict! before you castigate, study first our culture as a citizens of the Philippines. our culture is different from western countries, stop your reckless and baseless accusation, your not using your brain, I suggest you try using shabu for seven days and let us see what will happen to your brain and behavior.. Clean your own backyard first, before you clean others backyard, You are a big big ignorant!

  2. Thank you Rappler for inviting Dr. Carl Hart! I read his book last year and heard him talk at the recent drug policy forum in UP. Filipinos should read his work to, at the very least, gain a new perspective re the drug issue! ❤🙏

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