Online pot shops selling out of products on first day of legal sales

On the first day of sales for recreational marijuana in Canada, several online stores are already running out of some cannabis products. »»» Subscribe to CBC …


  1. Seems everyone is complaining about the prices, and that the black market will still thrive because of it. Don't forget that you can grow 4 plants at your own home. Give it a couple years for everyone to figure out how to grow good weed and there goes the black market. Instead of people borrowing a cup of sugar from the neighbour, you'll be borrowing a gram off weed.

  2. I'd rather go back to how it was and order from my usual BC dispensary where I know exactly what it is I am buying with easy to understand descriptions linked to leafly and support the local shop owner vs this complete organized mess the gov't created. I can't even purchase phoenix tears any longer. Complete crap!

  3. The incompetence shown is unbelievable. Canada can now smoke weed! 2 days later Canada is out of stock. OCS is backed up and may take weeks to get product. What a disaster. I hoped it would be otherwise but I knew deep down.

  4. The only problem with potheads is that they take the cannabis high for granted most of the time. Your average stoner is psychologically addicted and doesn't derive much benefit from its metacognitive effects. All these people outside getting high in a big crowd just seems pointless and a waste of weed.

  5. Dear cbc. You did a story a couple of days ago. "We expect that most people won't buy high HTC content strains" you where completely wrong. First products to sell out in Montreal was high THC products or high CBD products. There are some more affordable products with a nice 6~12 % but people don't buy it unless the rest was sold out. Was in line before 10 a.m.. didn't count that many consumers in front of me. Probably 100 people, and once I got in, they already had many shelves empty. 5 hours it took. Which was way too long. I understand it's a new store, people have questions but since everything is already packaged, it shouldn't take more than 5 mins per person. But in all, I'm proud to be a Canadian today and I hope the stigma is finally lifted.

  6. And when they sell out here comes The Massive ORGANIZED CRIME component to supply the demand.
    Trudeau and his clowns have created a monster. The clowns won’t care about the public because their trust funds & kick backs will last centuries.

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