Marijuana 101: What you need to know if you plan to try cannabis

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada on October 17th. Joining Roger in studio is Lorilynn McCorrister, co-founder and chief of marketing for …


  1. So people from USA that just want to get stoned legally are going to drive to Canada to find out Canada is NOT PREPARED ? So you have to buy it online what does that mean legal marijuana in this world is a complete joke

  2. I'm from Calgary Alberta and the on October 17th I will buy marijuana from a new store only 8 minutes away from my own home! Not only that but if one gram of marijuana cost $10 plus tax, I will not buy it from stores instead I will buy it from the streets. It's not difficult extremely easy I want to buy weed that is nice and cheap I cannot afford $10 for one single gram which I can smoke in one day! If I was white then I would be buying$10 for 1 gram but I'm not white, I don't have money to throw.

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