1. Primary reasons for JFK's death:
    JFK was enacting legislation to pay off the debt using silver certificates and in the process, had contacted the Prez of Malaysia, who also acted as Treasurer for the gold stolen by Axis and then Allies during/after both World Wars that was supposed to be allotted equally to every country, in an off ledger fund, strictly for humanitarian purposes….he had brokered a deal to reissue the gold-backed, constitutional dollar, which, esp. combined with paying off the debt, would've tanked the Federal Reserve and its phony dollar, and brought the US from its knees to its feet, as a nation.
    He had mentioned on several occasions wanting to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces, due to taking an active and actual role as a leader of this country, not like these phony puppets who are related and from the same elite social clubs like Skull n Bonez, nowadayz…

    There are other reasons as well but these are the primary. Movers and Shakers complicit in his death included the Mafia, Secret Service, CIA, Bush Sr (a CIA Sharpshooter "on operation" on-site at the time of his death) and of course, Lyndon…

  2. When you've got two guys speaking about these topics in the manner they're doin it takes away all credibility from them n it's fuckin funny everything should be tailed about in this way ,,,we would come to better conclusions on things

  3. retards, the speech is about clandestine actions by the soviet union, fucking woke retards making stuff up about the illuminati

    good god, the world is terrible enough no need for a all controlling secret society, it's far more complex than that.

  4. Joe,they the GOVERNMENT WOULDN'T LET HIM CHANGE SHIT!!! No one cared, oh did you forget about his S.S. People in Columbia all out screwing prostitutes while President Obama sitting there thinking he is being watched and cared for how do you think you would feel???? And we paid for that, your Welcome assholes….

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