1. I'm quite certain Pepsi and especialy diet Pepsi is worse for you than marijuana.. I think you should have to try marijuana before you are allowed to make laws about it. same with any drug actualy. I think congress should just do a bunch of meth and heroin in one sitting and then have to quit cold turkey. I bet they have a different viewpoint. lol

  2. The only surefire way I can see medical marijuana completely legalised in ALL 50 States AND possibly sold over the counter would be…

    Allow big GMO corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, BASF etc to develop a GMO hybridised marijuana plant. One that is not only completely stripped of it's hallucinogenic effects(eliminating any issues with law enforcement)while at the same time beefing up it's medicinal properties. Also there should be a provision to allow people to store and use any hybrid seeds leftover. Thus allowing them to grow their own genetically modified medical marijuana.
    I'm very surprised that no one is advocating for this.

  3. In socialist paradise Swedistan, drugs are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. We must keep in good shape, because the economy requires blood, sweat and backbreaking labor. If economy crashes down, we can't afford to keep rapefugees in a state of luxury, truely a nightmare 🙁
    Anyway, personally I like speed (not the meth stuff, but good ol' amphetamine), been on it daily for years (no needles ofc!)… it keeps my spirit up & energizes body and mind. But it's not a life remedy for the faint-hearted.

  4. Sugar is 8 times more addictive then cocaine. Cocaine only triggers one pleasure centre of the brain. While sugar will light it up like a pinball machine. Ban refined sugars!

  5. You could just continuously smoke marijuna until you pass out, and still you wouldn't overdose from it. That's how harmless it is. There are zero deaths in human history caused by marijuana (if you don't count road accidents and murder, but who'd want to do that while high). You don't get hangovers after sobering up. You never develop a physical dependency on marijuana, it's just mental. Getting addicted to marijuana is like getting addicted to twinkies. It helps in treatment of anxiety. It helps in treatment of anorexia. It doesn't taste as foul and morbid as tobacco, in fact, many smokers even like it's organic green taste. It has properties which is shown to stop the growth of cancer cells.

    I haven't smoked for about 3 weeks (because I don't have any with me, obviously). I would say it was difficult first couple of days. Hell, it wasn't even difficult. You just kept thinking about it, if you could smoke it once more. But you can forget about it easily if you really want to.

    I don't even know what run through these g-men's ignorant brain. They want to ban the single most recreational drug that is actually safe.

  6. Most Trump supporters  whom I know are pretty liberal on pot. I think that Trump, himself, straddles the fence on this one. It should be handled  exactly the same way as alchohol and cigarettes.

  7. Furthermore the shit they allow in our food supply like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, red dye 40, round up and many other cancerous harmful chemicals are far more dangerous to our society and health than Marijuana! Complete utter douch bag! Thanks once again Styx for your brilliance and exposes their nonsensical opinions.

  8. been smoking since I was 14 just turned 38….if smoked 2 blunts a day average since I was 21….Oh yeah I also work out 2x a day, so fuck your bullshit that it makes you lazy, and causes health problems….I also dabble in LSD, MDMA, and DMT my fav.

  9. Yes, again your commentary is lucid and correct.. I smoked pot back in the day and was more willing to try other drugs because the establishment had painted weed as far worse than alcohol.. In fact it is not., however for anyone listening to this video PLEASE don't draw a comparison to this and Blow or Heroin, Flaca, Meth, Angel dust.. If ANYONE tries telling you its cool to do these drugs , drop them like a bad habit.. I saw good men fall like stones in the water from heroin. It ate their soull .. Ive had several people I know die. of Cocaine related heart attacks in their 30s or 40s..

  10. Sessions is a RACIST and your complaint is that he is pot-hater! Let's just forget that he is a Black People-Hater! Well your position makes sense because you and the bitch-ass people who listen to you voted for a RACIST SEXUAL PREDATOR! T

  11. Weed is bad. It makes you content and destroys your motivation. Pot heads are the only drug users who actually think it's not bad for them. So fucking cringe worthy.

  12. Holy shit. This is a scary!!! Heroin use causes brain changes that needs government programs, aka methadone clinics!!! That is why this is scary!!! They need help!!! Fuck!!! .. I take 150mg of oxycodone every day legally and my brain is fucked without it, I know for a fact that heroin changes it even further. What happens is, your brain stops producing chemicals that regulate every aspect of your life, sleeping, eating, using the bathroom all of it. Methadone does work, I've seen many people who were shooting heroin come back from that and be great people. This is scary!

  13. Your missing the point, I live in No Cal the problem is large and very dangerous, scraping the foothills, the poison used for the grow and to keep the wild life from eating the plant and ending up in the waterways. Sinking a well because it takes a lot of water and sucking your neighbors well dry. Guard dogs, guns stay away or else, barb wire and never ending flow of traffic in rural areas. Your land is worth nothing where do you go. kidnappings, murder, and home invasions, cash money pay no taxes, the list goes on and on. Think about the people who live with this and the Tens of thousands of people who die each year in Mexico every year just for you to find a new way to lose yourself.

  14. This is more about feeding the hungry beast that are our private prisons, they have quotas to fill now. The state must guarantee them a certain number of inmates, and who better to deal with than some pot smoking kid?  They don't "care" about any of us-

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