Harvesting and Curing Cannabis! Autoflower Harvest Part Two : LED Grown Buds

Part two of our videos on harvesting and curing the skunky fruits of your labors! Dr Quinzel covers the jarring and curing process for your dried buds. Garden Ties …


  1. hi Grow with Joker, hope you can help… I have 3 dutch passion auto blueberry growing under 1000w ledΒ΄s, 2nd week into flower, 58 days exactly since they were planted. my question is even though all 3 autos have flowered, only 1 is producing THC which you can see & smell clearly but the other 2 autos are NOT showing any signs of THC production or smell….. is this a bad sign, do you think they might be duds? shall I chop the 2 autos and plant new seeds… what shall I do… pls help, thanx in advance.

  2. Just putting this out there if you get real bad migraines and stuff like that take your pot leafs and dry them out crush and grind them up and put in 1 to 2 T spoonful in a coffee filter and put like 4 to 5 T spoonful of coffee on top of of it and let it run all the way through not only does it help getting rid of your headache and or migraine it is really good and tastes great as Well

  3. Hey man nice weed yeah when I am growing I sometimes say I am growing trees or I am making wrenches and when I am smoking i just say I am just smoking weed I don't use other sayings and I don't believe in calling weed anything else

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