1. Midwives are perfectly capable of responding to almost every issue you could experience and are highly trained about when you need to transfer. I highly recommend a home birth as the safest place for you and your child in that amazing time. There are so many people out there who will tell you they almost died but that is because doctors are very good at selling the product of birth. Read everything ina may gaskin! You will be very reassured.

    That being said, everyone is entitled to their own choice of experience and some people would rather be numbed up and cut open rather than experience birth pain. Those women don’t love their children any less. Whatever you chose just do the thing that will bring you the best experience.

  2. Seriously, check out The Positive Birth Company on youtube. She does teach classes too. But I listened to her videos, practiced HypnoBirthing techniques, and I had an INCREDIBLE, PAINLESS birth!

    I have 2 children, the first was in a hospital with an epidural, the second was at a birthing center– all natural and epidural free, and it felt the SAME as when i had an epidural– just felt pressure!

    You can totally have an awesome birth.

  3. Hannah, I hope you and derek have the best pregnancy, It sucks hearing that its completely natural. There are so many factors that can develop or hinder this. I have been married and not on birth control for 12 years, we have only recently began to try and unfortunately its not that easy.. My body must not know what to do or be natural…… praying for your baby dust…

  4. You hear so many horror stories about labour and birth, so just to balance things out… I gave birth to my son in a hospital and it was fine, he was huge, I was only in pain for the last half hour which I hummed through, he came out without a single push. No word of a lie, I had a shower afterwards and felt like I could do it all over again. I’m sure you know about the cascade of interventions, avoid at all costs – best advice xx

  5. Don’t be scared of twins, ours are 11 now! It’s the best, I actually think it’s easier than different aged kiddos. Their needs are the same, they entertain each other and their bond is beautiful. Best to you both!

  6. It's probably easy to live off $500 per month when you have a huge piece of land… how did you get that? Rent is the biggest thing I spend money on, and other than sleeping on the streets I don't have other options.

  7. I wouldn't call birth painful. The best word I can think of is intense. It was unlike any feeling I have felt before. The best advice I can give is to do research. I did tones of research into vaccines, hospital birth and the drugs they give (just in case, so my husband and I would know what they were talking about) and watched tutorials on how to get an optimal latch for breastfeeding. Most people I know used formula because they said it was really painful and I did not want that to happen because it shouldn't be painful. It helped me a lot to have this knowledge and for my husband and I to know what we wanted, what we didn't, and why. Because when the baby starts coming and arrives your in a whirlwind and that is when some people have followed the advice of the professionals only to regret it later. Oh, and get a midwife you love 🙂 I hope everything goes wonderfully for you both.

  8. Hi Hannah, this is the first for me, I have never posted a comment. However, I been following you for 3yrs. I’m glad you brought up face techniques and what you do for skin care. I have a huge problem with rosacea. I have done a tone of home remedies and treatment with a dermatologist. Sad to say nothing has work for me. I would love to here your prospective. Thank you, Tish, open minded 🌸thanks Hannah.

  9. In also super excited to see your Earthship house. I feel like Earthship houses always look so bootleg, lol. But you guys have great taste, so I know it'll look great! Can't wait!

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