Easy Edibles – Cannabis Infused Oil with NO SMELL

We make weed infused coconut oil for use in medicated edibles. This is the easiest process to make potent edibles from bud without creating a big mess or …


  1. Awesome video! Got a question: do you finger tighten the mason jar lids, or really tight? I’m worried about building pressure and boom, there goes a messy kitchen. You didn’t say anything about “burping” the jars so I assume they were left alone. Some folks said to burp them, but that totally eliminates the whole no-smell thing. Thanks!

  2. I did this with 4 grams of high grade exactly as u said except i made 18 smaller brownies and didnt strain the herb out i grinded fine straight into the oil and decarbed for 2 hours, either did something wrong or should i try the oven decarb method, again i follwed the video step by step except using a cheese cloth

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