1. They're not just a problem in Florida but here in Georgia too. Last year a drugged driver hit a 9 year old black boy, his big brother, and a friend while they were walking on the sidewalk on Joseph E. Boone Blvd in NW Atlanta. The 9 year old died. The older brother and the friend were seriously injured. The cracker that hit these children was high on heroin. That bastard was a convicted felon who's been in and out of jail for years on drug related charges. When you have the complexion for the connection you got it like that. Anybody familiar with the street I mentioned above knows that's in the Bankhead, English Ave, Hunter Hills, Vine City and Washington Park area. The majority of people who live in those neighborhoods are black. This cracker would drive all the way out from the suburbs to majority black neighborhoods to get high. The Atlanta DA wanted to give him 49 years, but the judge sentence him to 30 years in prison smdh. He should've got life! That's just one of many cases.

  2. I bet they’re all white! Otherwise they would’ve shot them with all that crazy behavior🤔. How do you refuse to take a drug test🤷🏾‍♀️. Yes indeed!!! I’m livid🤨🧐

  3. Notice how there are not any pictures of the drivers? The media does that because it doesn’t fit there narrative of bad or criminal minority’s. Whenever they have these types of issues in stories you should pay attention to what isn’t actually shown. Whenever it is a minority the pictures are published everywhere, but if the majority are white you get random pictures in place to cover the story. Unfortunately this is how they do it in every city in the country.

  4. I can vouch for this its alot of doped up drivers on FLAs highways like Lisa said they either coming from getting their drugs or going too get them all while strung out high af mainly opioid and meth related not because of marijuana. thats a lie they put out there as an excuse to pullover more people under the influence of weed when its not the people high off weed causing all these crashes falling asleep behind the wheel.

  5. Remember the blk woman when they physically forced her to take a blood test. And you can prove it. Bcse I would think the blood test would show they have an excessive amount ie more than the prescribed amount in their system. If they refuse the test then automatically 30 days in jail or license suspension. They aren't harsh on DUI cases even when it's alcohol bcse it's mostly white ppl that are high on these pills or DWI.

  6. I am sure those kind of crashes are from pale cave bats especially down Tampa FL. All of them from drs to lawyers to their kids to their police kkkrakkkers. I hope they all die i can careless about oale bat caves

  7. Florida is catching a lot of hell lately. When I learned about how racist they have always been and the horrible things they have historically done to Black people, I stopped caring for whatever happens to them. Black folks need to move away and let the racists have that toilet of a state.

  8. That's why Florida's ass continues to get beat up with Hurricanes and sinkholes ect. But these high IQ cavelings will never make the connection. You're f*cking with Yah's chosen and he is OVER your pink booty ass. Times up!

  9. Last year in Maryland a week before Christmas my daughter & my 9 month old grandson were at a complete stop at a red light, it was dark & raining when they were plowed from the rear by a 69 year old man 3X over the legal alcohol limit & to top it off he had opioids in his system! It sent her car forward approximately 70 yards just missing the incoming traffic lane. In the process of him attempting to flee the scene he clipped another car, after that he sat in his car & fell asleep. Not one person stopped for my kid & grandson (makes me cry typing that). She couldn’t see because she lost temporary vision from the blow her head took to the steering wheel. Her baby is screaming & she can’t see him! The only thing that helped them was the SOS feature on her Apple Watch. Trav & I are thankful because we know it could’ve been so much worse but the fact remains that they still have pain & health issues. All because a man made poor & selfish choices innocent people who were doing absolutely nothing wrong have to suffer. I do not refer to this as an accident I refer to it as attempted murder!



  11. FloriDAH has to be one of the most corrupt and racist states..they know the overwhelming majority of these "drugged drivers" are white people, but yet they refuse to take punitive and swift action against the offenders. They dont even go through the motions to try and hide it in FloriDAH! The racism is running rampant!
    Can someone give me a good reason why we should continue to let this drugged out, corrupt racist swampland to be apart of the United States?🤔

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