1. They Assassinated Crown Prince Salaman in April.. Two bullets to the head.. DEEP STATE payback for the arrests of the SAUDI princes arrests.. This is WHY it's a BIG DEAL.. SAUDI princes are JEWS I hope you know that.. We have NO IDEA HOW CORRUPT THE DECEPTION IS

  2. I would gladly pay more to support American workers and farmers. America could be 95% self sufficient if we wanted to be. There is very little we have to depend on other countries for, maybe some rare minerals that don't exist in the U.S. but everything else we can make or grow using our own natural resources and people.

  3. You read these articles and stumble over your words and lose the thread or you never get the gist of the article but you keep plunging forward even though you are making no sense to us, and to yourself. I love your choice of articles but often I just lose you and I’ll bet I am not the only one! Come on Martin, slow down and give a break! Otherwise I am grateful as ever….!!!!

  4. Amen Martin, you're the only one who says that incident in Saudi Arabia is none of our business. Even conservative commentators are getting bent out of shape over this. Take care of your own house!

  5. Billionaire George Soros behind major push for marijuana legalization
    Published time: 3 Apr, 2014 19:37 “Through a network of nonprofit groups, Mr. Soros has spent at least $80 million on the legalization effort since 1994, when he diverted a portion of his foundation’s funds to organizations exploring alternative drug policies, according to tax filings,” Riddell wrote. If you are against Soros You better ask yourself if Soros has your best interest or his. Think about it he had his hands in it since the 90's

  6. Their day of reckoning is just ahead. Kinda like the sign ‘bridge out’ ahead. They are going to freefall into the abyss. They have made life choices at the peril of innocent victims. What a sad and dishonorable way to live life.

  7. The liberals are only concerned about this K guy un SA because he is one of theirs. This is just a theory but it is kind of interesting that the pastor imprisoned in Turkey was let go at the same time the K guy was killed.

  8. That's simply not true. It's alcohol and other drugs (prescriptions) that cause most accidents. Along with phones. Not cannabis. If anything, they're too paranoid to drive or extremely careful. Not saying it's perfect but it's nothing like alcohol, pills and so on and they know it.
    Thank you

  9. They only care because they HATE TRUMP and they HATE MBS due to the fact they’re trying to fashion a PEACE AGREEMENT and a Syrian future that DOES NOT include terrorists. It’s BETTER if the Arab nations sort this Syrian crisis out among THEMSELVES for the most part. The arms deal is PART of that. The Cabal does NOT want peace—it gets in the way of their goals.

  10. I remember CIA agents and informants being snuffed because of Hillary's unsecured emails. Some have suggested Benghazi was the result of her disregard for secure communications. Why should Trump be in anyway involved with investigating and policing the death of Jamal Khashoggi. This is not our concern.

  11. china wasso successful becasue of state-sanctioned slave wages for their workers. the west stayed sient because they profitted from the products made with extremely cheap forced-labor..

  12. I call BS on that report that says stoned drivers are causing more accidents.. I have a little blue pipe that is always loaded that rides in my left pocket of my coat or my vest. The ex always made sure that it was always full. And would tell me when we are driving down the road take a hit.it keeps me from stuffing it down in 4-wheel and driving over the top of that idiot in the Prius in front of me. Or from brake checking the idiot in the Prius that is 6in off my rear bumper. Or getting up on them and giving him a little tap and putting them into the wall. If I'm not stoned while I'm driving. I tend to road rage. I have no tolerance for stupid shit as I've gotten older.

  13. When pot was illegal my stoned friends would stop at the green lights too just to be careful. They also was puzzled why or how long they had been standing in the kitchen and who were those people in the living room?

  14. I hate this stupid reporter story. Why does MBS get all this heat? Because he must be a force for good, if the media and Hollywood are this against him. Turkey jailed and killed many journalists.. Where is the cry from all the Mexican reports getting killed monthly. Its all fake news folks.

  15. I will what I am sure a lot of folks are at least thinking…..why do we mourn the loss of a fake news reporter? Can anyone think of at least one here in this country they would like to see "gone"?

  16. I've always found Chinese to be very pleasant people to socialize with. But if (and I believe this to be true) the Chinese government is trying to screw with the world, all bets are off…
    I respect President Putin very much, his intellect crushes the globalist Left.

  17. My opinion on the states with higher numbers of accidents isn't due to mj, it's the invaders having all the accidents. Here in the St Cloud, MN area, you hear about accidents every day and then you realize the name of the driver is not from around here … 😱

    They're just trying to make mj the evil scapegoat.

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