Carrageenan Warning! This “Healthy” Ingredient Causes Cancer, IBS and Gut Inflammation!

My Friends, Carrageenan is the “natural” and “healthy” ingredient you need to ban from your diet today! Removing Carrageenan from your diet today requires …


  1. Where’s the actual research showing that carrageenan is bad for you?

    All I’ve heard is you say it’s bad and terrible for you and causes cancer and all this stuff but you haven’t provided any evidence to substantiate your claims

  2. Melissa/NHR, what's the latest news in getting Carrageenan banned here in the USA ? I won't eat it if it's in food that I buy. I had not heard that it caused cancer before ?! Is this a new development ?
    I am surprised that Carrageenan hasn't made national news with these associated health problems and concerns ? Just a side note, I tried over a year ago to tell via their e-mail address Trader Joe's to get rid of Carrageenan in their soy milk, ice cream, etc. They never had the courtesy to contact me back and no surprise, they haven't taken it out of their food products that have it.

  3. More on fibroids. How to swim w/o getting chlorine in near vagina cervix. Tight incontinence swimwear? Not incntnt. just want no bleach up my vagina. Fibroid propping open my cervix I was told.

  4. Are there any other names for carrageenan so we can make sure we are avoiding it? I have many autoimmune diseases I am fighting desperately for my life. I only eat organic whole veggies and salmon now for 10 months but I do buy bone broth organic in a carton. I greatly appreciate you, Melissa and your knowledge is so helpful. Thank you!:) Lisa

  5. Thanks Melissa. She helped me so much. I had a lump in my breast from falling. I had it for like 3 years. I finally got rid of it with lymphatic drainage and eating anti inflammatory foods. If it's a food that is in a box, in general I don't eat it. Just eat the foods you find on the outer edges of the supermarket.

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