1. You must ask yourself why medically proven for decades and the recent studies make even more proof what most of us already knew my quality of life would horrible without cannabis no pharmaceuticals for me 59 yrs old Christian Lovin life try it you will be very surprised it heals

  2. …AND we here in the USA could use all those tax dollars to BUILD THE WALL!!!
    We the People do not have to Fund the Wall!
    Here are 9 ways Mexico pays: 
    1. Tax ALL imports.
    2. Tax all cash remittances 35%.
    3. Stop federal funding of cash aid.
    4. Prosecute the drug lords and sex trafficers and make them pay fines. 
    5. El Chapo – Sell his illegally, drug sales, obtained property for cash.
    6. Find and tax illegals working under the table.
    7. Cut all welfare, EBT food card, and medical for illegals, and for fraud. 
    8. Deport any and all Mexican criminals (this will lave milliions in trial courts, and jail stay costs). 
    9. Illegals who have crossed our boarder – build the wall – FREE labor!
    This will save billions every year and create an excess of funds to be built with!!!
    #10. Legalize Marijuana, and tax it – don't let the Mexicans sell it and reap all the income benefits!!! They would not have a market in the USA – we would have OUR OWN MARKET – THEY MONEY WOULD STAY HERE IN THE USA!!!

  3. A real good show it can save our country a lot of money a lot of time we can make a lot of money at the same time this was a good show it should open up people's eyes but doesn't look like very many people have seen this.

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