1. How come the party which is most against government regulations and most in favor of personal freedom is so against relatively harmless drugs (but still in favor of far more dangerous ones)?

  2. David how do you know so much about the marijuana industry, you sound like you've been around it for a couple days, like the majority of Americans?

  3. I know in Sacramento California they approved millions of dollars to raid small time growers for personal use and jack up the price on marijuana shops because they wants to tax the shit out of it.

  4. Rather you pass marijuana laws to legalize it or not. The law enforcement will still regulaye it and right now they are raiding homes for growing a few plants in your backyrard. They are still profiting from tbese raids with small convictions.

  5. I have a question for someone with a fairly good knowledge of Federal Drug laws. What I'm wondering is I have seen in several documentaries and read as well the in the U.S. technically pot is not illegal Federally. You can legally possess it if you have a Tax stamp for it from the Treasury Department however the Treasury Department will not issue said stamp under any circumstances. So I am wondering if that is still on the books or if it was ever repealed?

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