Canada’s marijuana market now largest in the world

Canada is now the second country in the world to legalize marijuana nationally. Bryan Llenas has the story FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour …


  1. This is the beginning of the end for Canada. Their youth will get easier access to weed, the 19 year old brain has not fully grown, they will damage their brains and it is permanent, there is no reversing the brain and lung damage. The social medicine will go broke. No medical professional disagrees that smoking weed is bad for teens and my conclusion is the only logical result. Stupid Canadians. Bunch of drug addicts.

  2. Are you from CANNADIS?!
    You people from cannadis can't be more stupid than that.
    You will be loved by drug users only,normal people are laughing with your stupidity.

  3. So our government decided to take the money away from the illegal activity by deciding to make cannabis legal. Now they can profit off of legal activity by upholding their legal criminal ways.

  4. This country, USA, doesn’t need any more dopes or dope! He’ll no. Give up drugs, marijuana etc or leave the country. That crap does our country no good. It does no good for anyone really.
    Grow up; give it up. Make your life more meaningful to others. I’m sick of the liberal bend of this country and people’s mind. TELL YOURSELF NO to drugs, opioids, marijuana. Strengthen yourself

  5. And again, Canada proves to be a shining example of what most other countries aspire to be. I expect our southern neighbours to follow suit eventually, but when, who knows.

  6. Prohibition is illegal , for alcohol the constitution had to be changed and we had the volstead act ..where is that for Hemp / marijuana .The government is criminal just like it was to make gay marriage illegal , like it or not the government simply stopped breaking the law..Facts not emotionalism based on a false religious ideology !
    To you Christians Marijuana is actually used by the High Priest of the Jewish religion, challenge me so that i may wipe the floor with your ignorance …

  7. I am a Canadian who believe that it can help those who are sick but the only reason it was legalized was so the government can make more money. I have smoked cigarettes for many years ( a terrible addiction ) and would like so much to quit but it upsets me that smokers have been treated like criminals when more people suffer from alcohol abuse than cigarettes. Now the government legalizes marijuana so that they can control it…give me a break…. this is total BS… it’s all about money and votes. It frightens me to think what our countries are going to be like 25 years from now. I am a senior and won’t be here but pray for the little ones who will be and do hope we will have leaders who care for the people. God Bless

  8. maybe people just enjoy it and dont care about how it will affect the market or the money aspect of it, maybe citizens are tired of their children getting locked up and having a criminal record but its perfectly legal for them to smoke cigarettes and get cancer or go to a doctor and get strung out on pills as long as its approved by a drug dealer in a white coat

  9. Wake up America, legal pot means no guns. You cannot legally by a firearm in the USA if you have ever smoked weed.
    Why would you want the government controlling your weed. Another liberal plot to disarm America! Don't be a bunch of dumbasses WAKE TF UP!!!!!

  10. This is a government controlled dealing operation and a publicity effort to distract from the terrible job Trudeau has done as PM.
    Distracting from Carbon taxes, hatespeech laws, Exception laws for ISLAM, thousands of illegal immigrants, Sky rocketing crime rates in our cities, gun violence, terrorism, media censorship.
    The embarrassment Trudeau has been on the world stage, constantly preaching 3rd wave feminism, calling Canadians racists, pushing identity politics, gender neutrality, filling school gyms, hotels and more with military aged male "refugees", Tent cities, the low Canadian dollar, the huge deficit, a debt our children's children will still be paying off.
    Praising dictators, giving millions of dollars to terrorists, illegal activities for which he's being investigated.
    The worst leader Canada has ever had by far.

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