Bill Blair says Canadian police are ‘far more ready’ than ever for cannabis legalization

From CTV’s Question Period: Minister Bill Blair says that despite concerns, Canadian police are trained and ready to deal with legal cannabis. Subscribe to CTV …


  1. Marijuana stays in your system for up to a month. So how the hell are they going to properly test roadside ? I could have smoked it on the weekend and been tested on the following Tuesday and be positive. It's a cash grab.

  2. Shouldn't have been illegal to begin with just another thing to tax and fine you. The unlawful make laws to enslave your liberty because liberty is worked for not given. That said if you see the rules about Canada's legalization there always a kicker to steal your money.

  3. Pot has many benefits, but there are some that are going to be adversely affected by it. And yes I'm not into the pot vs. beer debate because I feel beer can be dangerous and sometimes even worse. But I'm just saying, pot users need to take care of themselves (including replacing the body with nutrients lost during its consumption)–otherwise, you'll have some that'll go crazy. I don't know how many of you are from another generation and don't agree with this legalization–to me, even though I've tried pot and don't demonize it–it still somehow makes society go down. I'm not knocking pot users–it's just that it shouldn't be that open and the fact that your prime minister the leader of your country condones it, that to me is weird and I personally would not want to live in Canada. You've got a great country but maybe Seattle freaked me out and that's how I picture Canada someday becoming.

  4. Bill Blair is a Major Investor into the Cannabis Monopoly our Criminal Government has allowed to be created by The Criminal Politician's like Bill Blair and Julian Fantino… Who wants to be a Billionaire????????? Blair and Fantino … is it a Coincidence Billionaire Barry Sherman created a Cannabis Pill and he ended up Murdered; Barry Sherman's Company Apotex also was suing the Canadian Government for 500 million dollars … But the POLICE Tried to cover the Billionaire's Murder by claiming he killed his wife and then killed himself (Murder/Suicide) LIES … There was plenty of Evidence indicating MURDER, like both Barry and Honey Sherman's Wrist were tied together… How could someone Kill themselves by hanging with their wrist tied???????? and tell me how Barry Sheman got his wrist untied after he was dead???????

  5. To bad the province of Ontario is screwing it up,had to buy a tablet,get internet and e transfer. Then I find out that I need to be home to sign for delivery,So I guess now I got to give up a day of work to meet the postman

  6. more virtue signalling propaganda. Not ready, just like Trudeau. Note that police no longer need probable cause to demand a breath/saliva sample. law was quietly changed to further reduce the privacy rights of peoplekind across Canada.

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