This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! I am Mr. Canucks Grow. In this episode I am harvesting the biggest yielding autoflower I have ever done in my career.


  1. Hey boss! I was wondering I use remo nutrients. I am trying autoflowers for the first time. How do I use the nutrient chart for veg flower? My autos are 8-9 weeks to completion. Can you help? How many weeks veg? How many weeks flower?

  2. I grow both autos & photos just like you and press for rosin. Since autos have turned into super-autos in our day, their THC levels are almost at par with photos and even the most experienced smokers fail to pass my blind tests 😉

    I will probably stop growing photos for good in about a year or two simply because of what autos have recently become.

  3. Hi, Those Autos sure look nice!! I tried Feminized OG Kush & White Widow this Grow and things are beautiful but with my new grow in November I will be trying Auto Fem GG#4.. Anyways, I may have a question or 2 since It will be my 1st time trying the Autos. Take Care & Happy Growing!!

  4. Yo. Just have a few questions. I have a 1.6x4m grow many leds and how many w per led do u think it would be best for some fucked up buds and beautiful plants?😎 great vids and keep up the awesome work bro! #1grower

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