1. Hello, I'm Aurora Bronx from France. I was diagnosed of Lung cancer 9 months ago.I was desperately in search of a cure. I contacted Rick Simpson on email [email protected]gmail.com and 60gram/ml of cannabis oil was delivered to my address in 3 days via courier delivery service.I took the dosage as prescribed by Rick Simpson and contacted him 15 days later when i noticed changes.He advised me to continue for 8weeks as prescribed by him.I continued as he instructed. I contacted my Doctor for a test after 86days of taking the medication, i was surprised to hear my doctor say i am cancer free.All thanks God almighty for Rick Simpson to curing my cancer

  2. Well done Sir for beating your cancer,can you please help me get the oil as i have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer any information/Address/tel number would be gratefull thank you.

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