5 Reasons Why Mikey Garcia Beats Errol Spence Jr. !!!!

5 Reasons Why Mikey Garcia Beats Errol Spence Jr. !!!! Follow us on Twitter: #IBFP Welcome to the IBFP! The International Boxing …


  1. Spence doesn't have the gifts to be one of the greats at the welter weight division. He has broad shoulders and is not at all very athletic. Crawford would most likely put on a boxing clinic if they were to fight. Spence should be fighting bigger naturally slower boxers at 160 pounds. I see him holding his own with the likes of Gabe Rosado and Curtis Stevens. He just don't have the natural athelitism to keep up with Terence Crawford and maybe even Keith Thurman if he ever comes out from under that rock…lol

  2. IBFP love you man, but no way, no hell Mikey beats Errol. Errol is to big to strong and has the same boxing ability mikey has and has more atheltic ability. The only advantage Mikey has is ring IQ due to experience other than that he's out gunned. Mikey is great and I root for him but Spence will eat him alive.

  3. Forget t analysis. Talking is easy. Very easy. Mr. Commentator, pls Watch Spence's dismantling Kell Brook. Watch his sparrings vs Charlos. N watch how t very talented but smaller Trinidad kod by t bigger Pain-Faking Hopkin. Stop all these bullshits. U cant compare Lipinet to Spence. Spence can ko 3 boxers of Lipinet calibre in one night. Spence can surely eat Mickey's best shots. But can Mikey take Spence's devastating punches which have broken his opponents' eye socket? Stop it pls.

  4. U cant compare Easter or Lipinet to Spence. Spence ate biggest punches by Brook. He routinely sparred wt Charlos. Spence even believes he can beat Canelo. Yes, Spence can roam light-middleweight n middleweight to give it more exitement. Mikey should fight loma at 135 or 140. It's gonna be a worthy fight to watch.

  5. I got spence winning this fight hands down but it's not gonna be a easy. If you look at the size of garcia head proportioned to his body it shows you that he's a lot bigger than he seems to be. That's why he didn't have a problem fighting Broner because he's a lot bigger than he lets on so putting on the extra pounds is not going to be a problem for him. The only answer will is will he be able to take those body punches and that will be the outcome of the fight.

  6. People needs to shut the hell up with the madness Mikey Garcia's overrated Errol Spence will whip Mikey Garcia's a** It's amazing people act like Robert Easter's was the second coming of Sugar Ray Robinson or Thomas Hitman Hearns let's keep it πŸ’― Hispanics & so call Mexicans Americans spewing all this bullsh*t Mikey Garcia couldn't even knock down Adrien Broner, Errol Spence destroyed this same bomb Adrien Broner in sparring so kill the noise!!!!

  7. you just proved to me that you are Earl Spence hater because Brooks was not winning that fight you are Earl Spence hater and Mikey brother is not fighting Earl Spence so his resume means nothing

  8. I'm a student of the game there is no way Mikey Garcia will beat Errol Spence Errol Spence is also very technical he has fast hands as well and his power is extraordinary and he is also a student of the game Mikey Garcia has bitten off more than what he can chew remember I said that

  9. I've been studying " The Sweet Science " since I was 5 and I'm 55 yrs old now. I don't see Mikey losing this fight..Experiance, Power, Foot Speed, IQ….Beat's Erroll Spence…Not only all this but Erroll Spence does Not know how to fight moving backwards. AND believe me Mikey will force that dude to move backwards. I've seen Spence fight and he will Never be on the level that Garcia is on…

  10. You about to be 0 and 2 bro you got Canelo beating Errol and Mikey beating Errol just give me a shot out when you wrong that’s all I’m saying first off Mikey is a all around top fighter but he not big enough to beat Errol bro Errol has a skill set that you keep forgetting about he will be relentless coming forward at Mikey his conditioning is at the best to push his fighting style now I agree with you Mikey will expose Errol flaws but it’s not enough to beat him in the earlier rounds Mikey will have its good looks but not enough to keep errol off of him question why Mikey not calling Terence Crawford out wich I have Crawford beating both fighters its size to me in this fight that will favor Errol watch you will see

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