1. So this the Start of all the Greatness going on in your garden 🌱🌳 Went back to your what your feeding video …started my Feeding schedule on my tablet ..Thanks for that : ) Good advise on seed starting in organic soil ..I did same…Thanks for all your advice from your successful to your fails ..Loving your videos and learning more from you than you know 🌱🌲💚✌

  2. Hey jo, I just wanna ask if the plants have to stay in direct sunlight or it’s enough if they stay in the shadow? Cause I have some plants growing for a few weeks indoor and I want to grow them outside in a forest.

  3. You have an inspiring set-up. The plants are looking like there off to a great start. I see your cover crops started on the smaller ones too that is eye opening i watched your cover crop vids on building up those big pots with layers of cover crops i thought that was a great tip for building a lively soil.

  4. the living soil is very active and can be a harsh environment for seedlings. i've lost a few myself. its always good to experiment to see how things will react. i was wondering if you are keeping the plants outside now and how this time of season affects them? do they flower now or continue to veg or revert to veg? are the days long enough?

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