1. Watched Frankie a lot so I knew what lines were coming. Was waiting for your reaction to 'Your mum w**nks your dad' lol, brilliant vid as always Marcus. Much love from the UK brother.

  2. This guy is great and this was funny as hell but I went to junior high with some kids in NYC in the 80’s that could make this man cry in less than 5 sentences. New Yorkers may not have invented “The Dozens” but they damn sure perfected the game (If you’re not familiar with The Dozens look that shit up)

  3. I mean my boy Frankie Boyle is roasting people who aren't even there, goodness gracious
    Top roasters:
    1. Frankie Boyle
    2. Anthony Jeselnik
    3. Greg Giraldo

  4. That older couple who brought their kids made the worst decision in their lives'. Kids be thinking "Oh fuck me mate, I'd rather be molested by me uncle than getting roasted by Frankie Boyle"

  5. Hiya fam, what's good wit ya homie. Been awhile since I commented, but I'm always happy to see you in my alerts.
    I recently saw Godfrey headlining at a comedy club near Toledo. (Someone actually took this old bat on a date, wtf!)
    He is in fuckin sane, dog. Would love love love to see you react to him. He's got a special called Regular Black on YouTube, plus some clips of him doing impressions. I didn't get past those in the list because I done already got a damn hernia laughing at this fool. The only thing that coulda made it better would have been seeing my boy Marcus reacting. Much love to ya. And tell your girl to quit fuckin with the thermostat, she did that to ya in the summertime, too lol

  6. Conan visits a pawn shop.

    By no means is this as funny as stand up comedy but its funny and there's nothing else out there like it.

    Maybe you could record a reaction and decide afterwards if you would post it or not?

    Conan goes to a pawn shop to sell memorabilia of himself. Its not the negotiations that are the funny parts, its the interactions between the shop owners and Conan that make this funny.

  7. Awesome reaction Marcus mate.
    I enjoyed watching it with you live last night too.
    I've never seen a YouTube video done like that before.
    Keep up the good work and Thanks for the shout out!

  8. Imagine the car ride home with the “wanking” family. Awkward.

    Cracking video. Now you need to watch Annihilation part 2. It’s a belter as well. Keep them coming

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