1. I take cbd hemp flower(which is the bud before they turn it into an oil) and I passed a urine test for Menards. To be honest I was worried but I passed! I vaporized it with a dry herb vaporizer( which removes a lot of the nasty stuff you normally get from smoking it) The cbd hemp flower was like 17.5% cbd and .18 of thc. The bud worked better for me than the oil! It's amazing and helps my panic attacks/sleep/anxiety and more it's legit! I'm not saying you can't fail a drug test but I vaporized a gram or two a day and passed. AS always make sure its <organic> and <pure>

  2. What about Charlotte's Web I was just wondering if they had any thc on their website says that you could possibly fail a drug test but it doesn't say how much THC or if theres any in their product I was just wondering also because im looking for a job

  3. My pain clinic Drs say if you use CBD from isolate it won't show up on a drug test. I haven't tested that because I smoke cannabis with concentrate that runs 67% THC on average, in addition to using CBD oil.
    By the way, I think cannabis kills germs. I haven't had the flu since 1995 & I don't do vaccinations. Three other people I live with had the flu for two weeks. I was breathing in all their germs, but I didn't get sick! 🙂 They ALL got vaxxed, too.
    Haven't had a child in many years either.

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