1. FYI Ya'll took that hardest job in the world comment wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too literal. Lemme rephrase that and say "It's a hard job" and ease your minds. I did also invite anyone to try it = )

  2. I think your a really good dude but YouTube iS NOT the hardest job in the world. I would love to take you with me working in 120 degree sunshine fixing ACs, or in -15 degree weather working furnaces. Or working in any part of the trades, or any physical labor intensive job. Seriously all you YouTubers don't really know what hard work is until you actually do it and not make a shit ton of money doing it.

  3. Dont be such pussys optic and make a roster, so everyones come together. Company so and so, but the fun is the most important thing after all. Stop making it to bureaucratic goddamn

  4. What a fucking tool….you play video games for a living, so shut the fuck up and be grateful that YouTube provides a living for losers that have no marketable skills beyond playing a video game and saying, "let's gooooo"

  5. Lol, hardest job. Common bro what a stupid fucking thing to say. Not saying it isn't hard, but to go as far to say that it's the hardest… Fuck outta here

  6. Hardest job in the world.. ya try serving your country and being in the military. Sitting here crying about safe spaces and shit. Crazy how lame people are now a days.. hardest job in the world lmao INSANE people dying and this kid says hardest job in the world

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