1. Hello, I have dreadlocks and I smoked high grade almost every day for about 3 to 4 months on and I’m off of it for about 3 to 4 months. I have done this pattern for a few years now. I haven’t smoked in about 2 months and I plan on taking the hair follicle test in the beginning of November. Would the Aloe Toxin Rid method be enough to pass the test? This is very important and I have a lot at stake, please answer.

  2. How many times do I need to do it before my test? Also what’s the process? Do it the day before ? The day of ?

    What the instructions on using these 2 products?

    I’ve stop smoking for 1month this Friday..

    Don’t know when my test is going to be just trying to get ready for it

  3. how often should i do the test if i have only smoke once in the pass 8 months? i was a heavy smoker prior to the 8 months but my test goes back to 12 months and i was a heavy smoker then. i only have 48 hours to do the test any suggestions?

  4. Hello , I am a heavy smoker maybe a 8th a week of good quality weed. I am trying to get them to pull a sample from my armpit . Is there a specific deoterant I should use or would not use ?

  5. I have six days to my hair test I quit smoking 2 days ago I was smoking an eighth approximately every two weeks of high quality about a joint a day maybe a little more I have both the original formula aloe rid shampoo and the toxin rid 4 day detox system what would be the suggestion that would be best suited for my situation thank you for any help

  6. My test is tomorrow. I have done the macujo method approximately 8 times already, I still have a lot of aloe rid left. I going to try and complete this at least 20 times. Also I have bleached my hair 4 times in the last two months , I pray to God this works!!! PEACE -LOVE-420 (oh and I've been sober since November)

  7. I have a hair drug test in April or May. I've smoked everyday for the past 2 years, 2gs a week. I stopped smoking on Jan. 16 and plan on not smoking ever again. I started a 2 week body cleanse on Jan. 19 (which will end on Feb. 2) and after my body cleanse I'm going to cut my hair really low and let my hair grow so I have about 1.5 inches by the time of the test. I'm planning on buying Aloe Toxic Rid and using it a week before my test. Do you think I'd pass?

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