1. Weed just got legalized here in canada and i was wondering if theres something i can get to make me more happy and motivated and to help with my creativity. im also trying out cbd oil for the first time and it has 1.62 mg of thc. is that good? im new to all of this.

  2. That would depend if you have any anxiety disorder, it would also depend if you are doing it to get high or to get medicated for pain or appetite or whatever. Also if you get drug tested or not. Its an interesting topic

  3. I first found high CBD strains in 2013, and I'm amazed just how many are on the market now. So much choice. To top it off, since last year there have appeared under 1% THC strains with a ratio of 20:1 to 30:1, which are considered Hemp, and already there are a dozen of them to choose from.

  4. I have heard of the entourage effect but I'm puzzled because I've also read how THC and CBD are opposite's and counter act each other. When I've inquired about Blends at weed shops or dispensaries they usually tell me that CBD and THC will counter act or negate each other. How is that synergy or the entourage effect? I would think the straight CBD or CBD with the other Cannabinoids but not THC would work the most effectively. What's your thoughts? How would you explain that seeming contradiction?

  5. Can you have a cannabis plant where the flowers contain 14.6% of CBD and 0.19% of THC ? Beacous i buy and smoke cannabis flowers with this % levels written down on the jars. i dont know of tis is richt or fake ?

  6. I have a question. If i have a high cbd ( like lets say 15%) and a low thc ( lets say 5%).. isnt the cbd going to bind to the specific receptor cites, and therefor, slow the effects of thc ( slow the rapid fire) decreasing the psychoactive effects? Thankyou!

  7. Fuck the drug tests, I'm self employed and I'm not pissing in anything but a toilet, I will submit a stool sample all smashed into the cup, that's the only sample I'm submitting ! Keep your communist drug testing to your self, nobody cares about your Hitler type lifestyle ! God gave it to all to use and I will be damned if I'm going to quit using cannabis just because the greed of man has outlawed what HOD provided for all to use from infancy to elderly, cannabis helps the growing mind, not harmful like the prohibition propaganda they try to sell us !

  8. I am having a terrible time taking the 1:1 tincture. I tried under the tongue, but it tastes so bad, I just can't do it again. I've been mixing it into small bottles of juice and that is helping with the taste, but still have that gross after taste that lingers. Any suggestions? The plain CBD tincture isn't as bad for some reason. Thanks!

  9. Good video & well needed, thank you, appreciate your time & education as needed, ;)… I take a Sativa/Harlequin hit from a Vape Pen. Live link > https://www.leafly.com/sativa/harlequin. But makes me sleepy still as I also fighting allot of chronic pains as well as conditions & fight chronic fatigue, even though it's suppose to help with this. By any chance would you know of a strain that helps with "PainS", "Inflammation", " Chronic Fatigue" as well as "Anxiety" & "Depression" please?

  10. I am so thankful for your videos! I live in Oregon and am wondering if there is a doctor who could work with me in finding the correct strain, way of ingestion, and dosage for various things. Gastroparisis seems to be he helped by vaping "LA Confidential"; Crohn's Disease (over 50 years) is being helped by CBD tincture 3x/day. I'm doing more of a 1:1 ratio. But the miracle is that CBD tincture is DRAMATICALLY cut the frequency of rushing to the bathroom. Crohn's surgeries and IBSD induced BM's have been greatly reduced. My GI is thrilled, said keep on it, but cannot give me any kind of input. I'd really like to know what strains, dosage, methods are best for me? Without making me jumpy, or paranoid, or anxious. Do you know of a good Doc up here that I could talk to on the phone? Thanks so much.

  11. Hello. I have anxiety, insomnia and depersonalization triggered from common marijuana with high THC and probably almost no CBD. Now i am treating myself with the 20:1 ratio of CBD:THC. I can't have too much THC because it can trigger kind of a psychosis for some days with me, but at least i think i could handle a 5:1 ratio. But in Switzerland you can't find that ratio because more than 1% of THC is not allowed.

    I thought maybe i should mix CBD Weed with normal but weak outdoor weed to adapt the ratio. Is that an option?

  12. I have GAD. In your personal experience and opinion would smoking a pure cbd strain (20:1 cbd/thc) provide some sort of anti anxiety effect? BTW I've smoked a 1:1 strain and it gave me anxiety (high was too intense)

  13. I'm in NYS. I'm new to Cannibas. I'll get right to my question. I'm taking a 1:1 oil. I had always assumed that simply meant equal parts of CBD and THC. Now I'm wondering if my 1:1 has low THC. That would explain why I can take 2 ml of my 1:1 and feel nothing psycho-actively. How can I know how much THC is in my 1:1? Thanks for the videos. I found you on YouTube and have learned a lot!

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