1. I live on the Roswell-Marietta border. This is 15 minutes from my house. I’m going there right now!! Thanks for alerting us to this. I love living in Atlanta. We always get cool stuff!!
    UPDATE: I got regular coffee and 2 shots of the keto pumpkin spice sweetener. I had my choice of heavy cream, half/half, almond or coconut milk to cream my coffee (I went with HC), and I got a snickerdoodle cookie and a slice of chocolate mousse cake. WOW! YUM! I couldn’t finish either one. That’s keto for ya, you get full fast. No worries, I have dessert for tonight! Thanks Matt & Megha for telling us about this place. This makes Keto that much easier. A total game changer. I’ll be a regular! 😊

  2. Coming to Birmingham, Alabama from MICHIGAN very soon. Will make the trip from Birmingham to here to check it out! Looks soooooo good. I love carrot cake. I haven't cheated once on keto, I deserve this treat. I'll be bringing some home for the freezer! Thanks for this video!

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