Spice Has Turned the Streets of Manchester into the Walking Dead | MJ NEWS UK

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  1. Stop relating this fuck awful canted shit to cannabis, you fucks doing nothing but bringing more fake propaganda cuk news to people about cannabis, #STOP YOUR FAKE CANNABIS SUPPORT YOU CARNTS MAKE IT WORSE!

  2. Spice feels just like weed but its more stronger. If anyone knows what its like to eat a little to much edibles and it knocks you out. Spice does the same thing if you smoke to much. Just take a couple hits and youll be fine. If you smoke to much you just go to sleep.

  3. There is a way to eliminate these drug problems…. if Government takes over the supply and gives it away then all dealers will close down ! Next, when Govt is the only supplier it laces random samples with super strong -read LETHAL – substitutes to eliminate users. End of problem !!!!

  4. Maybe it wouldn't be such an epidemic if societies tackled the problems which is causing people to do drugs. It's counter-productive to arrest people for drug use and make their life more difficult instead of trying to help people to live a more healthy life. You can be a productive member of society and still do drugs recreationally, not just to cope. Far from every drug is bad if managed. It's not much different from when people drink to forget their problems for a while. Alcohol just happens to be legal while most other drugs on the market are not.

    Drugs for personal use should be decriminalized. The war on drugs can never be won and it's just a bottomless hole which governments throw tax money into. It's far better to spend that money elsewhere. At the same time this pushes prices which allows real criminals to profit. Amongst those are the cartels world wide(the mafia). They may or rather eventually will use their profits to fund real crimes which are far more detrimental upon societies; such as human and sex trafficking, terrorism and murder for hire.

    That money is also used to feed corruption, something which is very detrimental to a society and creates distrust between the average person and people of authority(law enforcement, politicians and so on).

    Decriminalize drugs for personal use, then legalize the most popular ones(cannabis to start with) and then allow for licenced companies to manufacture and distribute. Then tax it all. It'll provide revenue like you've never seen before. It's just stupid to not meet the demand. At the same time you let people make their own life choices, good or bad.

    Some will die on the way but eventually societies will reform because they've learned that certain drugs will ruin your life and the life of people you care about while other drugs may not. You can't create an ideal society without losing a few lives on the way. It'd at least be better than now where the scum of societies profit from people who have no choice but to buy drugs to cope with life.

    It's essential to understand that we can't save every person even if we may try. It's also important to understand that the personal freedom to do whatever you want as long as it doesn't directly hurt anyone else is the most basic freedom we have; and that it's something we should always aim towards improving. If you don't like drugs, then don't do drugs, it's that simple. Let other people choose themselves if they want to do drugs or not. We all live and die with our choices. Every death would be tragic but every death would also improve society ever so slightly simply because death is the greatest motivator of them all. If someone you know died of a drug that was legal, you'd advocate caution or against that drug. It'd affect your life, your offspring and everyone around you.

    It's not much different than today but by legalizing drugs we can speed it up and make society better faster. Again, we can't save every person. All we can do is inform about the potential risks and let people do their own choices. The benefits far outweighs the cons.

  5. What are the British complaining about ?

    You British took great pride to destroy Europe in 1945 so sit back and enjoy your new liberal Europe, all the drugs you want, open borders, crime, riots, terrorism . . .

  6. Every country that does not legalise cannabis deserves this.. Bring on the zombies.. So sick of living in a world with 90percent idiots.. Yes I'm talking about you.. Just stand together and get it legalised and cop the fuck on.

  7. Running after these people is not going to solve the problem. I'm a problem solver so I'm going to pass something onto you. if you wish to solve a problem never ever run after it, never ever thrown money at it either, because you will never solve it, all you do is make it worse.

    so to solve a problem any problem you use the same system, you back engineer it to its starting point, then you go back one step further and stop it from starting.

    Over 90% of all your drug addicts, alcoholics, vandalism, petty crime serious crime, gangs, unruly and unhealthy children all come from poverty.
    if you get rid of child poverty, you eradicate over 90% of your problems.

    Society has to ask itself how much does it really care about these people, how far will it go to eradicate all these problems and to end the suffering of these children teenagers and adults.

    the reason this is getting worse is because society doesn't care enough, society thinks it can change everything with money and lovey-dovey behaviour. that is why society is getting worse not better.

    this is how you solve a problem, you identify where the problem starts that's child poverty, and who is creating child poverty women by having children in any environment, for in the UK a modern civilised country, we have girls as young as 12 not only having sex but having children, we have teenage pregnancies and we have grown-up woman having children when they have no business having children and bringing them children into and unsuitable environment which creates child poverty which leads to all these things that you are highlighting in this video.

    so I'm 63 years old all my life I have listened to society especially women and the charities that they run say, The health and safety of our children is paramount.

    There is your answer to protect all these children teenagers and adults from the misery they are suffering and to rid society of this infestation.
    you bring in a constructive law based on that statement.

    No woman will be allowed to have a child if she is unemployed homeless or her or our partner are drug addicts or alcoholics or criminals. The earliest a couple can live together that renting or buying property will be 20 years of age that we based on the youngest of the couple. they will have to have lived together for a minimum of three years in a home rented all brought, the man will have to have a full-time job for a minimum of three years and still be in full-time work when they applied to have a child. that's right apply to have a child.

    You will do all this because the health and safety of the child is paramount to you, that means the child welfare becomes more important than the woman's right to have a child, that where society is going wrong it's putting the wants of woman more important than the welfare of the children they freely bring into the world. for nobody forces a woman to have kids remember that.

    that's just the basics that simple law will protect all them people from being born into a unsuitable environment where they go on to end up in drugs gangs and being killed or murdering people ended up been dumped from foster home to foster home ending up on the streets into prostitution or been preyed upon by sex offenders.

    Remember if the child is not born, it cannot experience poverty, abuse, it cannot go on to be unruly cause vandalism, petty crime, serious crime, join a gang, take drugs, or murder anybody. record prostitute or be preyed upon by sex offenders. society needs to ask itself a serious question which is more important the right of a woman to have a child in any environment she likes, all the health and safety of that child which should come first. at the moment it's quite obvious the wants of woman outweigh the health and safety of the child.

    This is getting worse because society can't operate on my intelligent level because society is governed by emotions and as you can plainly see with the society you live in decisions based on emotions do not create good decisions or a good healthy society to live in.

  8. These people are possessed by Demons! Drugs like flakka, spice, k2, meth, crack are full of witchcraft. Any time you mix a bunch of Poisonous Chemicals and you purposely take it to alter your mind this is sorcery/Pharmakeia. You have opened a portal to your mind and allowed demons to come onto your body because you will fully participated in sorcery. Demons do not need you permission or an invitation, all they need is you to commit this act and your ignorance. Thats why people thrash around on the ground, become violent and dangerous, sexually disgusting, irrational and delusional. they will even lie, steal, kill and destroy themselves and waste away because the demons are now in control. They dont leave until years later after you stopped the dug completely, thats why people always relapse. The demons are still in their making them crave for more. The only way to get free is to surrender you life to Jesus Christ and seek deliverance prayer, have those demons cast out in Jesus name.

  9. All of u are fools … dont u get that nealy all of the weed u can buy on the black market is INCREDIBLY strong ? … How this comes ? New strain ? thc 30%+ ? …. NO its just shitty weed sprayed with this fukn chemicals ! just my 2 cents

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