1. lmao marijuana is definitely NOT an entry drug into higher drugs, and even if it was, legalizing marijuana would help keep money out of the hands of illegal drug dealers anyways

  2. He's talking about clean air but yet if u smoke cigarettes it's all good… very contradictory. Cannabis has great health benefits! These people should do their research on cannabis b4 they spread unknowledgeble teachings from the 1930's. Smh

  3. Fuck you, Kansas for electing people like this. These are your lawmakers. These 3 clueless white men. They only care about their paychecks and keeping their fat shrew wives happy. Fuck all of you.

  4. I find it hilarious how many people act surprised about this. I see shit WAY worse in YouTube comments sections every damn day.

    All this does is prove what black people have been saying for two generations…

    No, racism did NOT magically disappear in 1965.

  5. CORRECTION !!!!! Cannabis or as you call it ,marijuana, is an exit drug. It helps opiate addiction. Opiat addiction is this countries real problem, it's becoming an epidemic. Stop looking out for your own interests and please do the right thing. Us the people vote you into office and majority of Americans want it legalized. Do a little research and you can learn for yourself.

  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! "….its because of African Americans who responded the worst, its because of their genetic make up"

    oh and i'm paraphrasing cuz this dumb bigot stumbled to fuck and back while trying to say his real thought : "blacks and weed cause white death!" good one fuck face, way to sound fucking mental.

  7. What he said is correct; the campaign to make cannabis illegal used the typical jim crow propaganda to disguise the real reason it was outlawed to keep paper mills etc in business. This man isn't racist. He is just in need of an update.

  8. Alford is referring to William Randolph Hearst's propaganda from the 20's and 30's, printed to protect his pulp farms and logging concerns from a switch from wood-based paper to hemp based newsprint. Fake news has long arms.

  9. It's stupid comments like this that make conservatives everywhere look like ignorant racists. It's even worse because this guy is in government…and not just some right wing imbecile with a TV or radio spot ….yet.

  10. What an absolute fucking asstard…..I never in my life expected anyone to EVER open their mouth and come off with this insane racist bullshit. But it did come from a KANSAS lawmaker. I can't believe you fuckers from KANSAS are so all fired fucking stupid as to actually vote for this guy, but you did. What does that say about the average voter in KANSAS? Do you all collectively have shit for brains? Did Sam Brownback so badly fuck up your school systems that this is the drivel that you dumbfucks teach? Well…..since your all out of work and hungry, maybe you can have a nice plate of HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  11. "because of their character."  Just Wow.

    …and this numskull conflates 2 racist-related drug trade stories.

    1. Refer Madness hysteria stemmed from cannibis as a new rec. drug brought in by and used by Mexicans

    2. The Mafia preferentially sold hard drugs to African-American communities beginning in the 1940s.

  12. Calling it "hate speech" seems a stretch. People bring up that whole war on drugs campaign that went on for decades with nothing to show for it but he very likely lived through that time of constant demonization of drugs. Soaked it right up, then never bothered looking to see if any of it was actually true.

  13. Oh how we care, yet we never dare look to the heart of the matter.
    How men of great greed, get what they need, purses that only get fatter. 😮

    Marijuana must be illegal otherwise there might be no more cartel sponsored DEA sex parties .

    Illegal marijuana saves all of the money that legal marijuana takes away from the cartels and Black Ops funding.

    Then you have the poisonous petrochemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, logging industry, the paper industry, alcohol and tobacco all under threat from legal marijuana.

    The war on drugs has become a fantastic way to turn ordinary citizens into criminals even when they are not involved in any other crimes.
    Illegal marijuana is an important tool for the police state, introducing many created young career criminals to their future with law enforcement.

    Marijuana laws make marijuana a gateway drug by exposing users to drugs they would never had come in contact with if marijuana were legal.

    Marijuana laws create a distrust in the populace for anything the government says, encouraging people to try drugs and synthetics that really are deadly, leading to greater profits for not only the medical industry but the funeral industry as well.

    Marijuana laws have created a very lucrative prison industry as well as prosperity from all the property and money that gets confiscated even when no charges are filed.

    Illegal marijuana adds so much to the economy that legalizing marijuana is just plain anti American.

    God Bless Harry Jacob Anslinger who tried so hard to protect white women from the non white savages. O.o

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