Recreational Marijuana Is Legal In Canada. Now What?

Canada on Oct. 17 entered into a new era of legal recreational marijuana. But analysts worry about possible shortages in the months ahead and more volatility …


  1. What's your take on cannabis retail stocks and market
    Ontario planning to separate licensed producers and retail. Looks like these stocks that going for retail only will grow from now on ….
    Any thoughts ….
    Thanks in advance

  2. "legalize the drug" really??? After all this time even tho they made it legal these very dumb uneducated people still call it a drug… Lol sack this person. Higher somebody with common sense.

    This is a plant.. a plant… Not a man made drug.

    This is a herb.. a weed. It's grown with water and light.. not bleach and rat poison..

    For fuck sake man.. use your brains..stop reading from Twitter and Instagram..

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