Quitting Tobacco: Is it worth it? | CannaVlog #56

I quit tobacco 11 months ago – today I want to talk about the effect this has had on me, my cannabis consumption and my health in general. Thanks for watching!


  1. It`s hard to explain how quit smoking guide β€œfetching zemzem site” (Google it) works but one thing is for certain, it helped me. There isn`t anything inside of this book that`s innovative, or points that you do not likely already know. But the second I finished reading it. I was over my vice absolutely. I`ve had no concerns being close to other people who smoke in previous bring about situations.

  2. Just wanna say a big thank you to you mate for putting these videos out there!! After watching all of your quitting tobacco videos I decided to quit! I am now 3 weeks tobacco and nicotine free!! I honestly will never have a tobacco spliff again! Bongs and hemp blunts for me now!

    Thank you so much Tyler!!!

  3. Bang bud βœ‹ since damaging my hand at work can't roll of cos been vapourisering and using glass twister blunt am defo not going back to tobacco when am fit sure don't crave spliff now few vapes a day and am good πŸ˜€ West Yorkshire fan ✌️

  4. It took me getting ill to quit, just a normal cold but I was coughing up a lot of phlegm and found that went down significantly when I started to smoke without tobacco, it just got easier and easier over time, although I kept my drinking to a minimal for a while, I would always smoke when drinking before, now I haven't touched tobacco in over a year

  5. I very recently (almost 3 months now) did the exact same thing in response to a lot of things going on in my life and I have to say you nail exactly how the journey to go tobacco-free feels! Definitely noticed the addictive behaviours I had associated with the habit seemed to disappear very quickly after cutting out tobacco – have cut down massively without even trying, feel better, what I do have lasts an age; I really wish I'd tried doing this a decade or more ago, it's changed my life. I feel like if it was legal I would never have gone down the "traditional" spliff route at all. Another impact prohibition has had on health.

  6. When I was first using cannabis it was all soapbar from over the Northsea so some tobacco was necessary really if all you have is rizzla. I now only smoke green that I've grown myself and given up tobacco. I only cough for a few minutes after a good tug. I truly miss cigarettes, but glad I gave them up.cannabis isn't a gateway drug…it helped me give up tobacco.

  7. Finally a youtuber who understands what I been going through for years . I quit smoking actual cigarettes but I still use tobacco in my spliffs! Great video bud! Subbed.😊

  8. Hey Tyler, thought I'd let you know, I've done it! I've not had any tobacco or nicotine now for 8 days and it's absolutely true, I am smoking a little less, but I'm still having an urge to have a splif and bought myself a couple of glass pipes too. I wanted to ask what you would recommend for a dry herb vaping? Something portable for out and about and something more substantial for at home? It would be good if they could do for Oils and dry herbs, as I'm hoping to move onto CBD's Oils? I'd like to learn more about dabs and dabbing, if you could point me in the direction to start too? I'd really appreciate it?
    Cheers again and thanks for the info and advice 😊✌🏼🌿πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ˜€

  9. Hey Tyler, I'm trying very hard to stop tobacco, I'm doing okay, a 20pack of cigarettes can last me 7-10 days, but I'm definitely been smoking more cannabis though, 2oz in 2 weeks, just by myself!! I've been smoking cannabis for over 35yrs now, the tobacco I do use is very low in both Nicotine 1mg and Tar 0.1mg. Have you ever tried any herb alternatives to tobacco? Something to use with cannabis herb instead? Would be really grateful for your input please?
    Cheers much ✌🏼😊

  10. Question: I'm looking to quit using tobacco in my spliffs, and I typically use it to make my weed last longer, is it worth investing money into the hemp tea leaves as an alternative to tobacco? Or any other suggestions for alternatives?

  11. i'd love to quit smoking tobacco with my joints, what are some good tobacco alternatives to put in joints, as i've heard there are some out there, and has anyone tried them and do they recommend it?

  12. Great video m8 and this is the dream for me. However I don't like bongs/pipe/dabs etc. I know it seems pretty straight forward but I Would love some tips about rolling pure joints successfully without wasting or overusing.
    i.e how much is ideal to roll with, 0.3, 0.4? Etc..

  13. Everything you just said is spot on. I also have Asthma and quit tobacco a few years back now. I just smoked loads of little pipes for economy until I stopped craving nicotine.
    and got into mountain biking soon after which I could never have done before.
    I told my Asthma nurse that I quit tobacco, and only smoke cannabis now as it's a really good expectorant, and she was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Schooling the Asthma nurse on the benefits of cannabis for Asthma was weird and worrying though.

  14. One of the best things i ever did. Stopped mixing about 2 years ago. Still have a cog sometimes with a drink bit the separation and knowledge of what i was craving is brilliant for me.

  15. Totally agree goin to give it a try. I used to only smoke with my joints. Then found myself having a fag every time i ate. And at least smoke 6 at work within a 6 hour shift. I dont really like pure joints but i guess its trial and error and seeing what works best for me. Going to start from the 1st of sep. Will keep you posted. Goin to have a vape pen on standby for the first week too. Wish me luck

  16. I smoked tobacco for 20 years before i quit, my main incentive was the line of work i was doing which wouldnt allow for me to go for a smoke, i used disposable ecigerettes to help me kick the nicotine addiction which only took about 2 months but the habit took me about a year to get over, it wasnt that hard really, the trick is to not make excuses to smoke like 'ive had a stressful day' or 'just one wont hurt'

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