1. Its been 1 month! I weathered the storm I ran into a couple of weeks ago and I'm glad I did. I appreciate the responses to my comments and appreciate the uploads in general. The Carr recommendation and looking ahead at your videos is useful. I might see how you're doing on day 78 and it will remind me that I just need to hang in there. Thanks again and keep it up. You are helping people.

  2. I STOPPED or trying on day 17
    I just read for months daily ex smoker forum's .
    Am not a fan of joe ( Angela jolie lips ) sphlzter .

    I smoked 50 cigarettes a day , for 25 years . I was a extremely heavy smoker .
    So I needed for 7 days , nic gum and inhaler
    This is were I disagree with joel and cold turkey

    This was my first attempt and am on day 17 I have stopped the gums
    Occasionally I take the inhaler .
    So what am trying to say is everyone carnt cold turkey
    Am on FIRST attempt day 17 , so what I used nic gums for a week , and occasional inhaler at least I have ,( touch wood ) haven't smoked 17 days on first attempt .
    And hopefully stay quit .

    So mr joel , you are wrong on that everyone has to cold turkey , just get more bortox in your lips mr joel . Peace and good luck on your quit everyone no matter how you do it


  3. Congratulations Jared, well done on reaching day 30. I am on day 36 and still going strong. I do look at Joel’s library and your videos for reinforcement as and when I need some. I’m okay with alcohol as long as I’m drinking in a controlled environment with no smokers around. I did put on 5 Kgs due to my quit in just 3 weeks and have successfully lost 2.5 Kgs ever since I started working out again and watching my diet. Well done and keep going.

  4. Great video!!!! Good job on the 30 day mark!!!!!! Amazing!!! Very proud of you!!! I do find did that I am not letting myself drink until I feel sure enough that I won't go to smoke after that 1 drink too many I think that's really important! Great information for people!! Keep up the great work!!!

  5. Congratulations on 30 days Jared.
    Here is my resource page addressing alcohol issues:
    On quitting when things are under control, check out this page:
    Also it kind of ties into the page http://whyquit.com/joels-videos/being-locked-up-to-quit-smoking/
    I haven't heard the whole video yet so if there are more topics you raised I will address them later.

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