1. I have cervical Dystonia , Thanks to a person in 2005 that was not paying attention rear ended myself at 45 miles plus. I was in a work truck 1999 f150 the person that hit me was in a Chevy suburban. ''Totaled the Ford'' I hit the car in front of me and he hit the car in front of him. I was work comp number of the time Told it was in my head, I was holding on to the pain. Years of just being miserable I seen a Doc he diagnose me with Cervical Dystonia I was living a normal life as best I can with the help of pain meds did what was asked of me by my doctor drug test pill count not a problem for me 8 yrs +. Hospital closes have to find new doc. New Doc cuts my meds 60% remind you I'm not taking a lot of meds to begin with. New doc says we need new MRI I try to explain I had at the time of the accident plus a CT scan. I do the MRI says you have arthritis of a 80 yr old man, did not know I was dealing with that also.I'm 30 yrs old at the time of the accident 43 yrs now. I'm taking you off your meds your option do surgery or give up my life. I had one of three and now it did not go so well I have more pain and new pain in my right arm. Dystonia runs in my Family but I can not tell the new Doc that or anything. I should have a say as to what treatments I feel in my best interest. I hope my pain in my right arm subsides… I cant even imagine someone that is in worst shape then me… and your still alive ? you are my HERO. I hope they stop killing people that want to live a normal life and not have to deal with nipping dog of pain. The crazy part is I live in a state that 5 min from house I have 10 weed shops to buy from. Remember WEED is the gateway drug. Yet the DEA and CDC are not kicking down their doors. The hardest part about this I knew it was coming and that I would be asked to give up my life.

  2. If I wanted to read something, I'd go to a periodical website. You're doing videos wrong. I've completely missed your message because it was playing on a screen that doesn't have my direct focus.

  3. Cato institute, go fuck yourself.

    Your days of peddling these a priori arguments are over. They no where near match reality.

    Predatory behaviour creates the demand for these chemicals that are incapable of being accessed in the quantity or quality in the natural world.

    Their may be medical advantage of such drugs,. However if they aren't controlled, you have social destruction.

    There is a reason ideological libertarianism is no longer popular post 2012. Reality has hit home. Empty ideology

  4. The supply does not drive demand. Demand for a product will always drive the supply for it, whether it's on the white market or the black market. The only way to solve this (and other problems like gun violence) is to address the demand, not supply

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