1. Most of the products are most harmful to children. Monsanto was bought by Bayer corporation . The headquarters now in Germany .China is buying thousands of farm acreage in Midwest. I don't understand what has happened.

  2. My hubby has been eating Quaker Instant Oats and Cheerios most of his life. He just finished treatment for head/neck cancer hope nothing else ahead. Maybe Roundup is a nice flavor????? Wow they want to kill us.

  3. I read somewhere that the GMO seeds that Monsanto uses are treated with weedkiller, pesticides and fertilizer. My understanding was the seed itself is tainted. I have not researched this, but it may be worth looking into. I know Monsanto forced their GMO seeds onto all farmers in the U.S. — there are many documentaries about it. Bayer Pharmaceuticals has bought out Monsanto, so a large part of our food supply will be generated by a big pharm company now….that's not a comforting thought.

  4. I buy Russian Buckwheat groats all from ancient seed for my oatmeal breakfast. All natural no gmo, organic, give it a try. Tastes better than oatmeal. Join Trump as a Russian lover. I got this from a beautiful Russian friend of mine, She is wonderful. She told me all about it. You can buy it on amazon. More iron for women and cleans you out better, she told me. Not wall paper paste.

  5. I'm so glad I haven't eaten a breakfast cereal for 40 years, and would never let my children eat them either. I don't eat ANY grain except organic spelt and organic rye which is used in my homemade rye & molasses sourdough bread, and I only have one slice a day of that. I eat a slice of toast with avocado and tomato on it for breakfast almost every morning. If I don't have a ripe avocado, I have grilled mushrooms on toast. Easy. And ALWAYS eat organic.

  6. GEE
    Did not see this coming.
    You should soak your rice over night to remove toxins.
    There is, in some cereals , enough METAL in a single flake to drag it with a magnet , if you float it on top of water.

  7. To me, it all comes down to, you just have to trust the Lord. Unless you grow it yourself-you are taking a chance. Quaker? Oh dear. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA where Quaker-Oats are made. By brother and brother-in-law worked there. So . . you're right-what are you going to do? General MIlls is here too. So, I am just going to keep eating Oat-meal and trust the Lord!!

  8. They have for a LONG time!
    It’s in most processed foods via corn, soy and sugar beet byproducts. Organic processed foods are supposedly safe.
    As for produce…never by corn unless it’s organic. Same for squash.

  9. I’m terribly overwhelmed when buying foods. I have so many food restrictions and specifications that it’s ridiculous. I have thought a few times, just let them kill me with gmo effects. I’m not going to have children to pass anything on to them. It doesn’t matter if i live 5 10 or 20 fewer years.

    I’ve been relying on grits and oatmeal as my grains because I can’t eat wheat anymore. I’m trying to live on fruits and vegetables, but there are times I’d punch a puppy to eat crackers. Thanks for the news! Lol

  10. ORGANIC ORGANIC…. they cant treat it. some come from canada, and they do NOT use it up there. the gmos, and chemicals they are ""feeding"" americans are meant to destroy us. go as organic as possible. and grow what you can. they poison the air and the waters, look at the children who are obese at 6 and 7 yrs old. go organic. blessings sorry about your teeth. isnt aging so wonderful??? lol

  11. This is really sad to hear but alot lf us knew it long ago . I have been helping my Mother put food away given to her by the State and it's mostly all Oatmeal and Granola, She doesn't believe in anything that I try to tell her . I just leave hints on stuff and hope she see it on the news or something. It's hard to redpill somone who thinks they a truly Awake. God bless u Miss Linda. WWG1WGA PATRIOTS KEEP PRAYING !!!

  12. I went to a rheumatologist this year due to painful joints everywhere after being basically healthy and my whole life. Tests came back neg. The Doctor said "We are seeing things in people we didn't see 20 yrs ago" and he hesitated… saying he thinks it's chemicals in our food. He was disturbed at what I described- painful to walk in the morning and pain everywhere- and said he's seeing this in other people. I had thought it was just me aging- but he said that's not normal for being 52. He then said to try to eat organic foods and simple healthy food. I've been eating oatmeal for years. And veggies and fruits. And rice. It's all tainted. Nothing makes a difference. Just had to share. It's disturbing to say the least. Thanks for bringin it Linda!! 😘

  13. All stars are better off dead, for us. Class action Law suit on Monsatano needs to be filed. Oats is the only effin thing left that I will/would eat! I have, everyone has, Morgellons. Round up(glyphosate) is part of the Morgellons monster. Just even get on Amazon and read the reviews of the horse ivermectin and it will scarew tyhe crap outta you how many people are treating themselves(including me) with vet meds. !!

  14. Thank you for sharing, Linda! Thank God, for we who are saved.. no weapon formed against us shall prosper! Jesus Christ is the answer to this problem and "EVERY" problem, for "whosoever shall call upon His name to be saved" from this sick & dying evil world! EVEN SO, COME LORD JESUS, COME!!! Love & blessings to you sister! 🙂

  15. I just ate cheerios yesterday for breakfast…..Thank God for The blood of Jesus and the stripes he took…We dont no what we put in our bodies.. .Thanks for the news…Barbara from NC

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