Nuke Expert Dana Durnford Unpacks – Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Debate

Current radiation protection standards are based upon the application of the linear no-threshold (LNT) assumption, which considers that even very low doses of …


  1. i love what you do. and nobody else will. and i also love when youre mad angry and swear. i try to tell people about fukushima. i am amazed by how in depth you are. the documents you show. information you spread. tons of people still dont even know what fukushima is. sad really. anyways i like to listen to this all when i fall asleep. maybe we could have a convo one day if youre not busy. id like to know more about some stufd you mentioned.

  2. Dana, the powers that be are deliberately limiting the views you get on YouTube..its sick. This only says "182 views", that is Innacurate and a flat out lie. I've seen at least 60 people share this on my Facebook feed…the chances of me personally knowing a third of the entire audience of this video is pretty much zero. They are censoring you…God knows why when you are just trying to save the people from these monsters

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