Marijuana Industry Insight – Episode 2: Equipment Financing in the Cannabis Industry

Financing & Leasing within the cannabis industry can be hard. Getting equipment for your marijuana grow operation, greenhouse, extraction lab, or dispensary …


  1. The most about cannabis, to me, is the wait time of growing.
    Now to speed up the process of cropping.
    All you have heard of auto seeds and pheno seeds.
    You don't need auto seeds.
    If you take a pheno seed start a grow:
    25 day's of 24 hour light
    Next 25 days the seeds plant ,switch to 12^12, will change gender to male or female.
    The next 25-45 days a opposition.
    Put female back into veg
    or keep female on 12^12 start to finish the flowering bud crop.
    This is a schedule to ensure a small or large harvest.
    It's a plan in guarantee a crop in a limited time.
    I hope I made since.
    Yes u would like a true investment in growing my strains and to make seed crops.
    Without seeds you nor I can grow a harvest.
    Lol have a great day
    O lol I'm new to your channel Hi,

    Last is 35-45 da

  2. hi nate, you said that you are a grower yourself in one of your video canna cribs. i'm really curious to see your buds, your grow, do you have any social media link that you could give us to see your work?

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