1. hang on, arent you the same guy who put out a study showing HMB was more effective than steroids for muscle growth?
    And then later accused of data fraud?
    Now you're accusing OTHERS of being incorrect?

  2. You will have more followers if you keep doing excellent work like this. I like how you went to the studies he referenced when possible and explained where they missed the mark on their conclusions concisely. I'll be keeping an eye out for future videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. In addition, Layne thinks there’s no such thing as to much protein. I had this conversation with him and three of his friends a year ago. They had never heard of to much protein causes the protein to turn to glycogen in their body. Don’t they ever wonder why they have guts as much as they workout?? It’s TO MUCH protein.

  4. Awesome!! Layne Norton is losing business due to Keto. He has a body builder mindset which is all about the protein. If he would try Keto for one month, he would change his mind. He won’t though… going this far out to try to prove his point makes it obvious his purpose. Pop tarts?? Seriously??!! 😳😂😂

  5. Truth, lies and statistics. Thank-you Ryan for taking the time to meticously sift through this podcast to clarify so many points of interest. Your measured response is, as always, greatly appreciated. Best, SLR

  6. Layne is annoying. Usually someone who needs to talk a lot they don’t say a lot. Love ❤️ this video. I came from a flexible diet to the Keto diet. I was able to lost over 30Ibs and improve my relationship with food. I was able to track my food and stay within my calories for the day but I fall within the 10%.

  7. Ryan, I'm generally a fan, and am happy you're pointing to some of the studies that Lane overlooked or misinterpreted.  But on the topic of LDL-P (not LDL-C, which is meaningless) as one factor that can contribute to heart disease, I wish you would acknowledge that lipidology is extremely complex and complicated, and that for significant subsets of our population, having too many LDL particles in their plasma accelerates the progression toward heart disease.  I'd strongly encourage you to listen to this week's five episodes of Peter Attia's podcast with Tom Dayspring, which includes a very deep dive into lipidology and some of the contributors to heart disease in susceptible populations.   Science!

  8. The low carb ie 60 gram test subjects from 1970 werent really spoken about. I am assuming their results were fairly close to that of the keto subjects at 30 grams of carbs? (35 mins or so into the vid)

  9. Layne seems to fall on the anti keto side of things. Based on his position there is no advantage to keto and keto should only be done by people that are predisposed to keto. Sadly, everything being equal keto outperforms high carb on biomarkers and weightloss. He seems to be a carb apologist cherry picking to validate his position.

    My question is…What are the effects of HC diets on risk factors for future heart events? Arent high impact athletes at higher risk for calcification of the arteries because of their diet?

  10. So grateful for you doing this clarification video. I learned about Layne when he was bullying someone on Instagram and was immediately turned off by his demeanor. The Joe Rogan podcast softened my opinion of him(Layne), he preached a lot of inaccurate stuff with some hypocrisy. He did have some good things to say. I found myself constantly checking myself for confirmation bias and be open to listen to him. In the end, I was not impressed by Layne

  11. There is a lot of debate and a lot of people sighting studies. But I don't see a lot of people acknowledging the tens thousands of over weight people that have taken their own lives back by doing the Ketogenic diet (myself included). Studies are important and provide valuable data but Science is just that, a study. This week it will tell you one thing and next week it will tell you another. I find it very interesting that the people debating the legitimacy of the Ketogenic diet are not over weight, do not struggle with obesity or have not lost a significant amount of weight by doing it. I lost 100lbs in 8 months by learning how to gain control of my blood sugar and how carbohydrates were the first of a domino effect in what results in my insulin resistance. Everyone wants to talk about calories, try living on 2000 calories a day on a carbohydrate diet, it is impossible. But 2000 calories a day on a high fat diet? Very comfortable. Anyway I digress, Ryan if you are reading this I have a question(s) that I have asked numerous "professionals" with no answer. If conventional dietary recommendations are all based on a carbohydrate diet (ie, 2000cals/day yada yada yada) than would the same principles apply to a high fat diet? Taking into account fat provides double the caloric energy wouldn't it mean that you only need half the amount food in comparison? But considering the lack of impact fat has on our insulin response it would make sense that you could consume more than the recommended 2000 cals per day resulting in the same or less impact on your body fat. See where I am going with this? I would love to hear your response.

  12. Wisdom of the ages seems to agree with your findings pertaining to adherence, Dr Lowery:

    “To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation” – Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church, 354-430 AD.

    Just sayin 😉 keep up the great work at Ketogenic.com & ASPI. Proud to have you guys in the Tampa Bay Area.

  13. Phenomenal – thank you Ryan! Definitely frustrated listening to that podcast. Totally hoped to hear Dom lay it all out, but he's just not a loud mouth. It really was a shame that he was spoken over and cut off constantly, seemingly 'in the spirit of debate and discussion,' but never seemed to be able to do the same without being cut off again. I haven't heard or read anyone stating that they appreciated Norton's two cents on any of it…murky, muddy, old information. His presentation embodied and represents what is wrong with how the scientific world is communicated to the public: twisting the facts and details for headlines or personal gain…speaking with confidence and volume does not make something true hahahah. Cheers.

  14. One of the first things I noticed was the difference between Dom and Norton. Norton talked a lot and Dom sat back. You can tell these two have had these debates many times before and Dom just lets him talk and talk because you can’t convince a guy anything else when he knows he’s right and has to over explain and keep talking to prove he’s right. I’m doing that it only shows that he’s not 100% convinced himself. He talks about calling BS and cherry picking studies to prove ones point. Well that seems like that’s what he’s doing. When I listened to this on Joe Rogan that’s exactly what I thought he was doing. I’m happy that you’re breaking this down how you’re doing. Great job.

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