1. I would have watched the whole vlog… if your means weren’t deceptive and trash! It’s not all bad! Don’t deceive people and maybe you’ll get more subscribers.

  2. sorry.. but it looks like you're either trying to "sell" us on what a great poker player you are.. or "sell" us on how good of a person you are… Either way the "Sell" just feels and smells like a bluff- I like Andrew Nemee's vlog because he doesn't "sell" anything- you can see he's a good poker player.. and you can see his life is balanced and he's just a good guy. I don't know I might be completely wrong- but I get the feeling you're a bad poker player trying to make a good vlog..

  3. she just names her price on the river. she said if she checks she risks getting raised like 150. so just toss the 75 in as ur very unlukely to raise without a full house flush straight or trips. so much going on the board

  4. There were some bad players at your table. In that last hand, I have to wonder what they limped in with. AK played that so poorly. You never limp with AK…at least make a 4x blind raise. You probably would have folded to this.

  5. Good analysis but take a note from your fellow vloggers and discuss some losing hands and where you made some bad decisions. We all butcher the occasional hand. It will make you more relatable, it will be interesting and informative, and you can avoid coming off as a smug douche.

  6. Nice vlogs! Interesting range choices in several hands. In particular the 64s iso over 3 limps to $35, the JTs barrel, and the AQss bet into 3-4 players. Your ranges seem to fall apart very quickly in each of these hands. Perhaps a function of your games and you attempting to take an exploitative route, but even so, these ranges barely function. Keep on crushing! I'm sure you can spot the guys you can't pull these lines with! Apparently, the field in Detroit lets you get away with this!

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