How to Grow Outdoor Cannabis 2018 (TRAGEDY)

Good afternoon YouTube! Here’s my reaction video in which i found all of my plants dead. Unfortunately, there will be unforeseen and unfortunate events that …


  1. Wow man just watching this makes me want to cry can't believe there's people out there that would do something like that some people don't realize these are her babies and we love them just as much

  2. That's one of the worse plant disasters I have seen. My advice is rule #1 when growing cannabis. Keep it a secret, no matter how much the joy of success from showing off you plants. You know who your enter circle is, keep it between them and let them know to keep it a secret. My last advice is to invest in a security system with the money you make, you show be able to place some cameras up on the back of the house overseeing your plantation. Its 2018 bro, security systems is a must. I hope you take my advice and best of luck in the future.

  3. its terrible that's not even karma.. its just those evil minded selfish people doing it for satisfaction.. let's say its humanity crisis.. pure evil hearted.. you will be smiling someday and they won't (what goes around comes around).. sorry to see that… blessed year ahead..

  4. I saw your Pit, great guard dog. I got 2 German Shepherds providing 360 perimeter security. I trained mine with pizza, super cool. Shit I'd sit and shake a hand for 🍕.

  5. Paper tape, just leave some gap when you roll around and later press that looseness in between, that way when the stemp will expand he will open that extra gap. even that last one could be saved, dont panic, just do everything slowly if you need help to hold them – ask your friends while repairing… Good luck mate ! P.s. ♂ is your target, where O is stemp and arrow is that excess for future grow

  6. this is so fucked. those were all great looking plants. the hater might have gotten you this time, but it happens to the best. you gotta pick yourself up, salvage what you can, maybe pop some autos. sorry for your loss man.

  7. Try and keep good peace. At the end of the day karma is a killer a absolute killer and it will get them. If I’m a week or two if they branches that won’t stay up just take them off and hope the sides will recover some.

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