How long does it take to heal Complex PTSD / CPTSD Symptoms?

08 Oct Q&A Livestream: “How long does it take to heal Complex PTSD / CPTSD Symptoms?” This conversation we are having during this video may be …


  1. Thank you Athena for answering my question. It helped a lot and explained as to why I have been feeling the way I have been lately. I can so relate to Example B. I was a "mistake child" I was unplanned so I understand Example B. Thanks for always believing in me when I don't believe in myself. I don't know where I would be without your amazing support and love 😘

  2. I love your explanations from last night. I caught some but missed pieces and wanted to come back to hear it completely. The far/near hand analogy is great!!! I am wondering if between your examples A and B is a whole "spectrum" of people's stories and experiences? I feel like my own is somewhere in between… Not at either extreme… If that makes sense…still pondering and finishing the rest…

  3. Thank God I found you today, I found you are very right.

    I am scary about future, I wonder how many 10 years more for me. I can't really go out because no much safe space… and the mental health system is abusive and dishonest.

  4. i cried a little today too while at my therapist because I hit on something important. I can feel my real self peeking out sometimes and I have worked very, very hard to get here! Thank you Athena for yet another excellent live stream.

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