Here’s Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk

White supremacists might lack empathy, compassion and open-mindedness, but they’re getting enough calcium. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: …


  1. Its okay to be white… Just because your white does not mean your a white supremacist..I would never take pride in something as silly as the shade of your skin but it IS okay to be white.

  2. I just dont get why a condom needs to be self lubricating. Like straight people, you do realize the VAGINA is self lubricating. If you are doing sex right there shouldn't really be a problem(minus outliers)

  3. I know friends that that have challenged each other before by seeing who could drink the most gallons of milk without puking first but they weren't alt or nothing they were just idiot teens it was a thing before the alt rights started doing it fact they didn't invent being shirtless either

  4. This is stupid,
    The original retardation here was that milk was racist.
    People were actually saying milk is racist, but nice to conflate it to evil shadowy "white supremacists" using milk to BE racist like 3-4 years after the "milk is racist" thing even happened.

    Your observations are not only wrong, they're stale and out dated.

  5. The Conservatives in every nook and corner of the world are the same. Whether it is the Taliban, the Tea Party, the Tories , ISIS , the Republicans,  Boko Haram, the National Front, Likud, BJP or other Right wing groups They use faith or religion as camouflage, attend churches, mosques,synagogues and temples regularly. They have little or no knowledge of science, strictly adhere to archaic traditions, customs and rituals. But they are devoid of any conscience,  compassion or empathy the most important attributes that set humans apart from the rest of the animals .They are self centred and are apathetic to others' suffering, ready to kill even children and have all the signs of sociopaths .They have total disregard for the environment, the fauna and flora or the planet we inhabit which sustains life, with the mindset that everything there is to be exploited. They are the only animals or sub-humans who are unable or unwilling to live with nature and constantly fighting against it, hell bent on making NATURE history. In addition they are generally Nationalistic, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Sexist, Misogynistic and Racist. Human race, except the Conservatives has evolved and progressed with the passage of time. The Conservatives are stuck in a time warp and have remained the same since the Romans.😊

  6. Self-lubricating condoms? Cool! Another reason for dudes to ignore the woman's arousal and satisfaction. "What do you mean, it's not gonna work because you're not turned on by my beer gut and smoke breath? We have lubricating condoms now."

    Hooray for man-centered technological advances 🙂


  7. OMG you seriousely fell for the milk meme? diden't you watch the video at all? it was a freaking joke… but hey if we can make you freak out about milk, you are doomed to fail

  8. Milk: It does a racist good
    Milk: Got Swastikas?
    Milk: The least sissy thing about being a white supremacist
    Milk: Don't even think about adding Hershey's syrup and diluting this pure white ambrosia of hate!
    Milk: No, seriously, milk.

  9. As usual, Stephen Colbert Spreads false gospel for his devil worshiping friends. How much will it take for you to figure out this creature isnt even a human being??? He's a demon,…lets see, he can think faster than the common man, and born with no ears – yeah they're fake, I'd say he's a demon alright.

  10. Okay Stephen, I love ya but you fucked up twice in the last two days. First, there are only two genders, biologically. 99% of the population is born either male or female so stop towing the SJW nonsense that it's a continuum, it is not. Second, do not conflate the "alt-right" with white supremacy. There is of course an overlap but they are different. Just like white supremacists are all white men, late-night talk show hosts are white men, so they too must be white supremacists…..don't be so lazy…..check your writing staff and don't let them spread nonsense as though it's fact. Your monologue is becoming stereotypically leftist…a great mind and comedian like yourself needs better material, try hiring some writers with more maturity and life experience. Nice band though, love the new trumpet player!!

  11. Ah, grapes. The tender little globes of flesh that get stepped on and crushed to a pulp to make… grape juice, the manliest drink since Mike Pence decides of your choice of drinks.

  12. Some of these white supremacists need to get on a plane to Asia – I think they'll be shocked at the number of milk products on supermarket shelves. Sadly, its been accompanied by an increase in the number of Starbucks to be found in wannabe malls everywhere. Anyone wanting decent coffee should avoid all of that and get on a plane to Melbourne, Victoria : you'll never look at franchise coffee the same way again.

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