1. SO fed up with dealing with rap everytime i watch a weed video. But YOU. Well you sir happen to be the creator of the only weed video on the net that doesnt feature rap beats. Awful, awful rap beats. I want you to know this is HUGE. What you have done isnt going unnoticed. I am so seriously sick of having to deal with that juvenile garbage. These weed videos are shortening my tolerance for the hip hop beat. Wow i just cant get over it. A weed video that does NOT feature rap beats. Im gonna have to remember you.

  2. nice man. I just watched your video from last year on your first grow where you said you just want to cut em down and start over because they had problems… I wondered if you kept with it because I am on my second grow and the first one sucked and I felt the same as you. I am glad to see that a year later, you finally met your goal of 1 pound…. now, the sky is the limit huh!

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